This is the Day I’ve Been Waiting For…

That’s right folks, it appears as though the sickest cat in the game just got sicker. I’ve been waiting to hear these words pretty much this whole year. As you can see above, Evidence just signed a multi-record deal with powerhouse label Rhymesayers Entertainment. You heard it, Cats & Dogs will be coming out on Rhymesayers Entertainment. I can’t tell you how truly happy I am to hear this news, I’ve been wondering if Rhymesayers was going to end up being a home for EV for awhile now. I almost feel as though this is a little bit surreal and I can’t figure out why. The one thing I can figure out, and do know, is that Evidence & Rhymesayers Entertainment are going to be taking over the game in 2010. Make sure you watch out for EV on tour with Brother Ali this fall.

310 to 612!


One Response to “This is the Day I’ve Been Waiting For…”

  1. damn doggy, that’s awesome news

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