Blue Scholars sign to Duck Down records

Blue Scholars, my favorite group, has announced that they have signed to a joint venture to Duck Down Records. I’ve suspected this move for about a year now since I saw the Scholars talking to Duck Down CEO Dru Ha before their show in NY. The move will allow them to continue to control their own music via their label Massline while getting better distribution of their record. On August 25th, they will be releasing an EP called “OOF!”. On September 1st, their 2007 album Bayani will be re-released and will be called Bayani Redux. It will include one brand new track and 2 songs that were previously available only digitally.

Personally, I don’t really understand the move. Blue Scholars sound nothing like anything else on Duck Down, musically or lyrically. I think the distribution is great for them, but I am puzzled by the move by both parties. However, I do hope for their success with this decision.

More new music from the Scholars is also expected soon so sit tight!

The video above shows Sabzi on Seattle’s brand new Light Rail and at the end has someone asking him about signing to Duck Down.

You can download the track “Coo” off their new EP here or on their blog. I saw them perform it live at Soundset this year and its a sweet song.


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