New Kidz in the Hall Album

The duo Kidz in the Hall will be releasing a new album on October 13th entitled Land of Make Believe. I’ve seen them rock at Paid Dues and RTB ’08 and they are a lot of fun. Naledge is a talented MC and Double O a capable producer.  I like a bunch of their songs, but sometimes I feel like they are inconsistent. Hopefully the new album will not dissappoint. Above is the audio for the new single “Flickin'”.

Double O had this to say about the new album: “The Land of Make Believe is different things for different people. For us it is the space between where we are now as artists, and where we feel we should be. It’s the idea that until you actually get to your destination or goal you have to act like you are already there.”

Shout out to Hip Hop DX for the quote.


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