The Budden / Wu Beef continues

I cannot believe we are still talking about this, but apparently some rappers’ egos are just to large. Just when we thought the Joe Budden / Wu Tang beef was subsiding, there was apparently a backstage altercation yesterday in Los Angeles. That’s just fanastic. I hate when professional musicians cannot act professional. This bout is childish to say the least. Rock the Bells is supposed to be an event where hip hop’s greats can come together to create a great day of music.

The video above is from Budden’s live stream after he was punched in the eye by someone in Ice Water, Raekwon’s posse. Afterwards, according to HipHopDX, police officials reportedly closed the backstage and the concert performances were cut short. Crooked I apparently went with his posse, Circle of Bosses, to find the assailants and had this to say, “Ain’t nobody gonna disrespect one of my dudes when we on the west coast.

I really wish that this sort of stuff didn’t happen. It doesn’t benefit anyone.

Spotted on HipHopDX and NahRight.


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