Today is the Day…


That the new Slaughterhouse record drops. Joey’s Escape Route officially drops today as well. I can assure you that in about an hour and a half I will be happily making my way to Best Buy to purchase the Slaughterhouse album. If you are one of the people that isn’t going to be making a purchase… I truly feel sorry for you. For all of you Slaughterhouse haters out there, pull your head’s out of your asses.


2 Responses to “Today is the Day…”

  1. Joe Buddens the most over-rated since….Drake,lol. Buddens better be watching out for Raekwons “terror-squad”

  2. I couldn’t agree more that Drake is highly over-rated, but I definitely think Joe Budden has the potential to be a great emcee. From what I’ve heard so far on this Slaughterhouse album he gets over-shadowed a little bit. I can tell you for sure that this album goes really fucking hard.

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