The Foreign Exchange Take You To Their “House of Cards”

Vodpod videos no longer available.

Talk about an amazing group. The Foreign Exchange has been one of my favorite groups over the past few years, and it’s because not many people mesh as well as Phonte & Nicolay. I had given the album Leave it all Behind some rough comments, but since then I have learned to love the album a great deal. The video for “House of Cards” (Feat. Muhsinah) is nothing short of incredible, everything is pristine from the production to the concept. It just might be up there with “House of Flying Daggers” for one of the top videos of the year.

Spotted @ Hip Hop Official


One Response to “The Foreign Exchange Take You To Their “House of Cards””

  1. […] The video is directed by Matt Koza who also did the Foreign Exchange video for “House of Cards.” […]

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