UPDATE: Hey Guys…


The last few days have been really tough on me. I’ve had to make a few decisions in my life that were pretty vital to my happiness. Hits have been dropping like crazy on the site, and it’s been a real struggle for me to try to post anything.

As of yesterday, I was pretty much done with the website. I got an e-mail from my buddy Ryan, and he was asking if I wanted to renew the domain name. At the time, I said no. I’ve been seriously thinking about if I want to continue Mind Inversion. I’ve come to one conclusion… I can’t live without it at this point. It’s so vital to my very being, that I can’t let go. If a better opportunity comes along, I may take it. But for now, Mind Inversion is my home.

I will be posting plenty of new stuff today, stay tuned.

I have found a new home for my writing. Starting very soon I will be writing for Culture Bully with my good friend Ryan and the rest of the guys. Thank you for the support and I hope you all follow me over there.


7 Responses to “UPDATE: Hey Guys…”

  1. Timmy you can’t stop, you’re like my very own hip-hop blog aggregator.

  2. have been reading your blog with much interest for the past months, will follow you to culture bully. Good luck in the future!
    greetings from holland

  3. yay! i still want to write when i get back!

  4. yay!!!!! i want to write when I get back!

  5. Keep grinding, however quality over quantity!

  6. Yo man-

    I just discovered you. I know how hard it is to keep working without any support, but keep at it man. You got great taste and I’m reading!

  7. i just found your site today. don’t you stop! :-)

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