They Should Call Me Ludacris…

Because I’m back for the first time bitches! That’s right, I’m back at Mind Inversion again. I’ve done some serious thinking about this the last two weeks, and I think I’m ready to ease back into things again. It’s unfortunate that Culture Bully was put on hiatus, but I honestly can’t go without writing about Hip-Hop, so I’m back. My posting probably won’t be as copious and fruitful as it used to be, but I can assure you that I will post everything that I think is quintessential in the world of Hip-Hop. Give me a day or two to get used to this again, and it’ll be just like I never left.

Thank You everyone,

Tim “Alteez” Althaus


One Response to “They Should Call Me Ludacris…”

  1. cheers timmay!

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