Coachella: SOLD OUT!

Coachella, the 3 day music festival in Indio, California, sold all of the 3 day passes, to both weekends, in just a few hours yesterday. This will leave festival goers that wanted to attend syphoning through Craigslist ads, online ticket brokers and eBay to try and purchase passes at an escalated price. With the addition of a second weekend this year you would have thought it would have been easier to obtain passes to this festival so this poses the question: Why not add a 3rd weekend or a 4th?

Here is the line up if you haven’t already checked it out:


One Response to “Coachella: SOLD OUT!”

  1. […] thing, just that, too much? Obviously, we haven’t hit that tipping point on the scales yet. Coachella sold out in record time this year and not only for 1 weekend but for 2 weekends. Lollapalooza had no […]

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