SOJA Strength to Survive

In this dismal season of album releases January has been less than significant. This is usually the case and I know people are probably just dying waiting for something worthwhile and fresh to come out. I did a little digging and found out SOJA are releasing their forthcoming album Strength to Survive a week from today on the last day of January. If you like reggae music with a ska feel you should lend them your ears for just a couple of minutes.

It seems that the Virginia based band is focused on proving that reggae is more than just a joint passing soundtrack to this laid back lifestyle. They are bringing real messages and consider themselves to be more along the likes of folk artists. SOJA is providing the message of building strength amongst the people of the world and it is only fitting that they titled their new album Strength to Survive. After all, the true meaning and purpose of reggae is to bring peace to the world.


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