Music Discovery: Kids These Days, Hard Times

The Chicago-based group Kids These Days is one of the reasons I always show up to a concert on time. While attending the SOJA show at the Cabooze this past Sunday night those God damn Kids These Days started off the night right. They only got to play a 4-track, 30-minute set and in that time you could tell that they made one hell of an impression on the crowd.

They had a total of 7 members on stage with so many different working elements. They combine the sound of jazz, blues, classic rock and hip-hop. The energy that they brought to the stage and their abilities to perform in such a way made it seem that they already have the difficult part down. These damn Kids These Days consist of; Macie Stewart on the keys and vocals, Nico Segal on the trumpet, J.P. Floyd on the trombone, Vic Mensa on the mic, Lane Beckstrom on the bass, Greg Landfair Jr. on the drums and Liam Cunningham on the guitar and vocals.

Before leaving the Cabooze on that night I had to stop by their merchandise table and pick up Hard Times. I suggest you check out Hard Times and if you happen to get a chance to see Kids These Days live, do yourself the favor. You will be drawn in by Macie’s voice in “Be (A Night in Tunisia),” Vic’s smooth flows in “Hard Times” will put a smile on your face, and you can never get bored watching the trumpet player Nico Segal. In his trumpet solo in “Summerscent”, Nico got down so hard I thought his face was literally, going to explode.

Here is their video for “Summerscent” and in this track you will get every element that this talented band brings to the table.


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