Music Discovery: Father Funk, “Clap Your Hands”

So lately, I have been on a little bit of a funk bender. I think it may have started because of a couple of weekends ago while at Whiskey Junction, in Minneapolis, before the SOJA show, at the Cabooze, we were in for a “Sunday Funkday.” A small group of patrons were playing old school funk on the jukebox while dancing, singing and of course, drinking. This bar had a good vibe for a Sunday afternoon and that vibe was powered by the sound of funk.

So it was no surprise that I found myself grooving in my car to Father Funk’s “Clap Your Hands.” This song has that fun, funked out sound that just puts a smile on the faceplate. This song by Father Funk was released in January of this year so it is a fresh sounding track with an old school feel. If you are a fan of “the funk” and are in need of something new look no further than Father Funk and give his song “Clap Your Hands” a listen.

Father Funk “Clap Your Hands”

And remember friends, you can not spell funk without F-U-N.

Father Funk’s Soundcloud


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