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Sonny Knight at Lyn Lake Street Festival 2014

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… Sonny Knight was, and is great. He came across as the kind of guy who comes from bygone era, while effectively staying relevant. His music has life. He utilized three backup singers and a full band, he was doing it right. At the peak of the numbers in the crowd, Sonny rocked the stage like a champion. The best song of the day was “Hey Girl”, naturally, but even less familiar songs moved those in attendance. From behind the performers looking out, one could see raw excitement, and the power which Sonny sustained. His set was charged and intimate, and precisely electric. It was a pleasant and unexpected surprise, having never seen him before.

Sonny played for some time, and then the show was over. The crowd was pleased. I exited the stage at about the same time in hopes of having a one-on-one conversation with the artist. I ran around back as he was being mobbed by fans and snapped at with cameras. He took time for the adoration and with a broad smile he vanished. Sonny was something; to me, he seemed like a classic soul singer from the distant past, yet he was thriving in 2014. I wondered where his time machine was parked. Searching, I found nothing…

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Music Discovery: Father Funk, “Clap Your Hands”

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So lately, I have been on a little bit of a funk bender. I think it may have started because of a couple of weekends ago while at Whiskey Junction, in Minneapolis, before the SOJA show, at the Cabooze, we were in for a “Sunday Funkday.” A small group of patrons were playing old school funk on the jukebox while dancing, singing and of course, drinking. This bar had a good vibe for a Sunday afternoon and that vibe was powered by the sound of funk.

So it was no surprise that I found myself grooving in my car to Father Funk’s “Clap Your Hands.” This song has that fun, funked out sound that just puts a smile on the faceplate. This song by Father Funk was released in January of this year so it is a fresh sounding track with an old school feel. If you are a fan of “the funk” and are in need of something new look no further than Father Funk and give his song “Clap Your Hands” a listen.

Father Funk “Clap Your Hands”

And remember friends, you can not spell funk without F-U-N.

Father Funk’s Soundcloud

Music Discovery: Brett Orr

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As I first put on Brett Orr I absolutely had no idea what to expect. Sometimes when people get a hold of you to review their music it can take you a little while to actually take the gander over for that first listen. His first song on his Facebook had me turning the volume up to 50 on the old Bose. Once his funky soulful voice hit at the 47-second mark in “Becoming a Man” you know he has what it takes to make it in the music industry.

Reading on about the Australia native you learn that he does it all from playing the drums and piano down to the actual production on his debut album Foundations. This independent Australian artist has a very unique sound for being so full of soul. One way to describe his music would be to call it simply beautiful or you could say it is some funked-out soul with R&B and Electronica elements. You can call it whatever you want to after you take that first listen.