When in Vegas? M!KEATTACK

People from the Midwest love to travel to the place they call Sin City and people from the Midwest have shown a love for the electronic music industry. That is why when in Las Vegas look no further than to
DJ M!KEATTACK for your dance party needs. If Las Vegas’s favorite DJ isn’t performing at one of the numerous night clubs he surely will direct you to where you need to be.

My first experience with M!KEATTACK came on my first trip to Vegas this last Christmas. My friend and I attended the Mord Fustang show at the House of Blues and were blown away by the second act of the night.
M!KEATTACK had an exonerating sound that released you from your everyday worries and told you that you were there to have a damn good time. His exuberant personality shines through his large smile and his technically large sound. After his set he joined the crowd and talked with fans, including myself. M!KEATTACK gave me his business card and told me to contact him whenever I was in Las Vegas so he could give me some electronic direction. For being a popular DJ who has gotten his credentials from coming up on the streets of Las Vegas he is a truly a genuine person. When I head to Las Vegas this September I will be looking him up because I want to know where the party is at and M!KEATTACK always knows where the party is at.

So when in Vegas, M!KEATTACK my friends.


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  1. cool story bro

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