Vinnie Paz, “Cheese Steaks”

This is what I’m talking about; I don’t think I could ever complain about hearing Vinnie Paz over some Beatnuts production. Vinnie and legendary Beatnuts member Psycho Les teamed up for the first single from Vinnie Paz’s forthcoming solo album God of the Serengeti; the track is called “Cheese Steaks”, and it goes hard on all fronts. Psycho Les lays down a haunting canvas that enables Vinnie to paint a perfect picture that encapsulates his demeanor. This is the type of track that I love to hear Vinnie Paz on; it always brings out the best in his rhyming ability.God of the Serengetiwill be releasing this fall on Enemy Soil Records.

Notable Quotable: “The only time beef is mentioned around me is for steak sauce/I work harder than ya’ll/it’s no days off/the knife work scratch and cut you up like Main Source


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