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Vinnie Paz, “Cheese Steaks”

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This is what I’m talking about; I don’t think I could ever complain about hearing Vinnie Paz over some Beatnuts production. Vinnie and legendary Beatnuts member Psycho Les teamed up for the first single from Vinnie Paz’s forthcoming solo album God of the Serengeti; the track is called “Cheese Steaks”, and it goes hard on all fronts. Psycho Les lays down a haunting canvas that enables Vinnie to paint a perfect picture that encapsulates his demeanor. This is the type of track that I love to hear Vinnie Paz on; it always brings out the best in his rhyming ability.God of the Serengetiwill be releasing this fall on Enemy Soil Records.

Notable Quotable: “The only time beef is mentioned around me is for steak sauce/I work harder than ya’ll/it’s no days off/the knife work scratch and cut you up like Main Source


Vinnie Paz Will “Drag You To Hell”

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Here is the first leak off of Vinnie’s upcoming album The Assassin’s Creed. This joint was produced by long time Jedi Mind Tricks affiliate DJ Kwestion (who is absolutely dirty on the cuts by the way). As usually Vinnie spits some hardcore bars JMT style. Vinnie’s album is another one that I am highly anticipating, this guy is part of probably my most influential group of all time. Just some quality music from Illadelph.

Download: Vinnie Paz, “Drag You To Hell” (Prod. By DJ Kwestion)

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Vinnie Paz Comments on Upcoming Solo Debut

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This video was a breath of fresh air, seeing as I love to hear anything new about anything Jedi Mind affiliated. Apparently Vinnie Paz is working hard in the studio on his new album The Assassins Creed, and from the names he lists off it sounds like it’s going to be one hell of a project. You will hear Clipse, Freeway, Beanie Siegel, Jakk Frost, Demoz & the AOTP fam all spitting bars with Vinnie on this one. On the production side… Madlib, Lil’ Fame (of M.O.P.), Bronze Nazareth & 4th Disciple. Vinnie doesn’t mention anything about a release date but I can assure you that this is another album that I can’t wait for, not matter how long it takes to get on the shelves.

Review: Jedi Mind Tricks A History of Violence

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I have to start this post off by saying that this album is very close to me. This Philadelphia trio changed my entire perspective on music with their sophomore outing Violent By Design. The first time I heard Vinnie Paz, Jus Allah & Stoupe I was instantly hooked and I needed more of their music like a fiend needs rock. I have to say that this album can not and does not stack up to Violent By Design (because in my opinion nothing really can), but next to Servants In Heaven, Kings In Hell it might be their best work since. I do feel however that Jus Allah might have fallen off a little bit since the VBD days. I had heard about Vin and Jus being in the studio again with that same dynamic as VBD and was overcome with joy, I just didn’t get that feeling when I heard Jus this time.

Stoupe’s production on this album is some of the most impeccable work he has done. I also want to mention that Vinnie Paz is on a completely new level when it comes to rhymes. I remember on VBD (Even though I still love Vinnie on that album) it would seem like Vinnie would be rhyming about nonsense, on this album that is not the case. Vinnie’s verses are full of metaphors and similes like you wouldn’t believe.

the first track on the album is “Deathbed Doctrine” and Vinnie comes out right away spitting fire over the impecable cuts of DJ Kwestion and the hard hitting murderous Stoupe beat.  If you listen to the track you will know what I mean about Jus Allah, he still has some good rhymes but his flow has totally changed from the VBD days. “Deadly Melody” is a track where Vinnie really shines when it comes to the metaphor aspect: “I’m your worst nightmare/the reversal of Christ here/the only thing you seein’ is a shadow and knife glare… Y’all are pussy, watered down like a light beer/I don’t run from it I embrace it I like fear/Call me Texas Chainsaw Massacre I invite fear/Call me Leatherface motha fucka’ I’m right here/Call me any other person that’s an evil killa’/Pazienza Pontius Pilate they call me Jesus Killa/Call me Richard Ramirez because he spill venom/I’m Mark David Chapman before he killed Lennon…”. That trend continues for the rest of the album, and although Jus doesn’t sound as “fluid” as before he doesn’t greatly affect the album in a negative manner. The shining jewel of this album is “Trail of Lies“, which in my opinion might be Vinnie & Stoupe’s shining moment as a duo (Jus is not on this track). The beat on this track is mesmerizing and the sample is absolutely beautiful. Vinnie goes off on the current trend of fathers managing their daughters and “pimping them for cash and money” and “what’s gonna happen in like 50 years, when Hannah Montana turnin’ into Britney Spears?”. If there was one reason I wouldn’t watch TV and listen to the media at all it’s because of this song, it’s very on point and very powerful.

This album is very good, like I said before Jus doesn’t really sound the same at all, but it doesn’t throw away the replay value of this album for me. This is definitely an album worth picking up and giving a really good listen to. Vinnie Paz does some of his best rhyming to this date, and Stoupe gives an excellent performance behind the boards.


Vinnie Paz & Jus Allah talk about A History of Violence 

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I’m truly sorry that I haven’t put anything up yet on the Illadelph crew of Vinnie Paz, Stoupe & Jus Allah formerly known as Jedi Mind Tricks. Violent By Design came out back in 2000 and I didn’t hear the album until I was in 11th grade (which would be 2003) when one of my buddies put the album in his car cd player. I remember hearing the song “Retaliation” and being like this is what hip-hop is all about. Violent by Design changed my whole perspective on Hip-Hop music. I can honestly tell you that I wouldn’t listen to the music that I do if it wasn’t for this album.  Hearing Vinnie and Jus destroy the beats that Stoupe put down was like karma being returned to me for listening to Juvenile all those years. JMT has released three albums since then and none of them have featured Jus Allah, for awhile there was rumors that Vinnie and Jus had creative differences. They announced in June (on their blog on MySpace) that Jus Allah, Vinnie and Stoupe were back in the studios “conjuring the viciousness of the Violent By Design days”, that thought alone gives me chills.

Jedi Mind tricks has been a very consistent group, but for the last three albums it just felt like something was missing. I can tell you that I am very excited to hear what JMT has in store for us on the next album. A History of Violence drops November 11th. Jedi Mind Tricks also has a DVD dropping called Divine Fire dropping soon that you need to check out to.

Vinnie & Jus on A History of Violence

Divine Fire Trailer