Understanding Michael Angelakos of Passion Pit

When I first read the message from Michael Angelakos on Passion Pit’s Facebook page about them canceling their current shows because he needed a mental health break, I thought: “What a crock of shit! Here you are in your mid 20’s, on top of the world and you need a mental health break?” Now, after reading Larry Fitzmaurice’s feature on Pitchfork yesterday, in entirety, I feel like a complete douche bag for thinking that way.

I have been a Passion Pit fan since Manners came out and I know it had been taking some time for the band to get their new album, Gossamer, put together. I have been wondering why but it seems the reasoning was more serious than I ever would have imagined. A depressed, clinically diagnosed bi-polar Michael had been fighting his inner most demons while trying to complete an album that record execs and fans had been patiently waiting for. At least his fans were patiently waiting, I would imagine his record execs were just getting frustrated and wondering if he would ever pull it together to get this new album completely finished.

Truth is, fame doesn’t help Michael’s state of mind. If anything, it puts more pressure on him to produce. His fame, in his mind, just sets him up for failure. He takes what critics say to heart and lets everything get to his unsettled mind. This unsettled mind may just be where he gets his ideas for his music and I will listen to his music on a much deeper level knowing what I now know. His music is an avenue for him to get his daily struggles out and these struggles seem to fuel his writing.

I don’t blame Passion Pit for canceling the shows as Michael has checked himself into a mental health clinic, again. The article explains how touring and this lifestyle are not a good fit for one who has bi-polar disorder. That’s easy to see after reading the article and finding out first hand, from him, the toll it continuously takes on him. Passion Pit is supposed to resume their tour in early August. Their first show is a DJ set at a Lollapalooza Pre-Party at Logan Square Auditorium on Thursday the 2nd. They follow that up with a performance at Lollapalooza on Friday at 6pm on one of the 2 main stages. I am planning on attending the show Thursday night and was in the crowd for their show at Lollapalooza 3 years ago so I was considering not going to their show on Friday. After reading this article I am reconsidering my decision. Michael believes he will die at a young age has made various attempts to take his own life. For that reason, I will more than likely be in the crowd at 6pm to support this young and talented artist.

I would like to thank Michael for opening up to Larry Fitzmaurice of Pitchfork. I would like to thank Pitchfork for putting together such an eye-opening piece. Lastly, I would like to thank his fiance, Ktisty Mucci, for keeping faith in her man and being there for him in his darkest times. If Passion Pit cancels their August dates I will not be upset by the decision. I do not think anyone who reads the Pitchfork article or knows the extent of the beast he is dealing with would mind. So get your mind right and take care of yourself Michael. The world would not be as bright without Passion Pit’s music shining some light on us all.


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