Chan Marshall is Cat Power

Since the new single, “Ruin”, by Cat Power was released on June 2oth it has been on heavy rotation on Sirius XMU. The song has been one of my favorites since hearing it in June. It is a very catchy song that peaked my interest enough to go and research who or what Cat Power is? Cat Power is Chan Marshall’s band that she has been a part of for many years. SUN, her 9th studio album, will be released on Matador Records September 4th of this year and “Ruin” is the featured single off of the record.

Believe it or not, Chan Marshall was born in 1972. You would not be able to tell the Atlanta, Georgia native is 40 by the way “Ruin” grabs your attention with its hip and catchy sound. This is her first studio album in 6 years and for the first time she took control of all elements on the making of SUN. She is refreshed and ready for a new beginning with the release of this record. If the first single is a preview of what is to come on Cat Power’s new album, we will all be getting a little more SUN this fall in the Midwest.


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