Madlib issuing a plethora of music as usual…

Well, for all of you Madlib & J Dilla fans out there, this should be a great few months for you. Earlier in October Madlib released part of an instrumental series entitled Beat Konducta Vol. 5 Dil Cosby Suite (which is only available for digital download right now, you can get the vinyl on November 11th). Now this month he is releasing Beat Konducta Vol. 6 Dil Whithers Suite for digital download (the vinyl will be released in December). Both of these Beat Konducta volumes are tributes from Madlib and J-Rocc (of the Beat Junkies crew) to the late great J Dilla. Volumes 5 & 6 will be released in early 2009 as an album (so the two will be combined into one album). I have had the pleasure of listening to both of these beat tapes and I can honestly say that Dilla Dawg would be proud. Each mix is just over 30 minutes (which means they are small packages, most albums are at least 50 minutes long usually), but good things come in small packages.

On top of both of these beat tapes, Madlib will also be releasing a 10″ Vinyl EP with three previously unreleased tracks from his Jazz/alter ego side project Yesterday’s Universe. The 10″ EP that is being released will coincide with the release of an art book by Jason Jägel entitled 73 Funshine. Jägel is best known for his work on album cover art for artists like MF Doom (MM FOOD) and Dudley Perkins.

2 Responses to “Madlib issuing a plethora of music as usual…”

  1. thanks for the post man. just started listening to beat konducta vol. 5. i’m diggin it for sure.

  2. I just spewed

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