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Video: Madlib & Freddie Gibbs, “Thuggin”

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It’s about time Gangsta Gibbs & Madlib dropped some visuals from their collaborative EP; they released a teaser last week, but I’m usually not too big on posting those. I woke up this morning to a Facebook wall post from one of my musical comrades, and needless to say I was very surprised that it was the video for “Thuggin”. This is one of the most gutter tracks I’ve heard in a long time. Madlib’s beat full of sequential strings is relatively simple, but it gives Freddie Gibbs the perfect canvas to spray blood, sweat and tears on. I can not wait to hear more material from these two; it’s blatantly obvious that they are a deadly duo.

J Dilla x Stussy Documentary Part 3

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Sorry for the pause in posting people, but there really hasn’t been anything that has spiked my interest a great deal in the last week. This video; however, is a much different story. This is the third and final part of Stussy’s documentary on J Dilla; this video pertains to Jay making beats and how he progressed his sound and where Jay got a lot of his sounds from. I love hearing Dave Cooley breaking down what it was like to work with Dilla in the studio; I can’t imagine what it was like to see that man doing his best work. House Shoes mentions another crazy fact: Dilla made most of his tracks in just about fifteen minutes. That shit is nuts. Big ups to Stussy and Stones Throw for collaborating to tell the story of one of the greatest minds music has ever seen.

J Dilla x Stussy Part 2

J Dilla x Stussy Part 1

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J Dilla x Stussy Documentary (Part 1) + Common’s Thoughts on J Dilla

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You will probably see me posting a lot of stuff about J Dilla in the next couple of weeks; I feel way behind the curve considering his birthday was on the 7th. Stussy has released a limited edition shirt in memory of Jay Dee, and they have also put together a three part documentary. This is the first part, and you will see many of the people that were privileged to know Dilla throughout his life. This documentary looks like it’s going to be an awesome testament to Dilla’s legacy, and you all should definitely check it out.

Underneath is a video of Common talking with about Jay Dee.

R.I.P. James Dewitt Yancey (Feb 7, 1974 – Feb 10, 2006)

Peanut Butter Wolf Talks Evolution of Stones Throw With Splash Magazine

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This is a great interview if you are a big Stones Throw fan (like I am). Peanut Butter Wolf talks about his label Stones Throw and the evolution it has taken. He also talks about issues like Madlib touring, what it was like to do a show with Ed Banger in Europe, what kind of vinyl he usually digs for, and art work. It tends to get a little boring, but if you are interested in the label as much as I am, you find the stuff really interesting.

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Stones Throw x Ed Banger = Pure Insanity

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Here is some awesome video footage from the recent tour that Stones Throw and Ed Banger have embarked on. Each of the labels brought out some of their new talent and toured the fine continent of Europe. Stones Throw brought James Pants, Mayer Hawthorne, Dam Funk & label owner (as well as bomb ass DJ) Peanut Butter Wolf. Who was repping for Ed Banger you might ask? DJ Mehdi, Busy P (also known as Pedro Winter (Ed Banger Label owner)) & DSL is the answer. If you watch the video, you can tell that every one of these shows looks like a non-stop party. I wish I could say that I was fortunate to be in Europe and see these two labels team up. No dissapointments here. Make sure you have your dancing shoes on because after watching this one you may have the urge to get down.

J Rocc’s 4th Thank You to Jay Dee

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I went over to Hip Hop Official today to get my daily does of news (as I do with all of my sources) and I stumbled across J Rocc’s latest masterpiece. Thank You Jay Dee, Act 4 is the latest installment of the podcast mixes that J Rocc has been putting out exclusively through Stones Throw. This mix sounds top tier and it doesn’t surprise me because J Rocc makes some of the best Dilla mixes out there. You will hear beats that you might have not heard, originals of samples Dilla used, and great remixes. After you get this one, make sure you go out and download the rest (Act 1, 2 & 3) as soon as you can because those are tight as hell to.


Video: Dope Dilla Tribute

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I saw this over at Stones Throw’s website today when I jumped over there for my weekly dose of news. It’s about a minute and thirty seconds long and it features some bad ass animation. It goes through Jay’s career with different clips of songs that he did during that era.