Above and Beyond Anjunabeats Tour

Critically acclaimed Above and Beyond, have risen to the top of the charts with songs like Miracle and other euphoric remixes. With their long-awaited Oceanlab album, they will continue to make waves in the global dance community.  The masterminds behind the sound, Jono, Paavo, and Tony, reinvent what trance DJ’s should inspire to be: Above and Beyond. The trio is torpedo with its sights set on making a tsunami of transient sound. I raise my hands and applaud them for their ability to create distinctive and dreamy trance, while keeping my feet in sync with beat. Above and Beyond are currently on their Anjunabeats world tour visiting the eastern countries like Twain, Korea, China, and Australia.

30-Oct-08 Halloween Party @ Manilla, Philipines
31-Oct-08 Halloween Massive, Taipei, Taiwan
01-Nov-08 GK @ Wakerhill, Seoul, Korea
06-Nov-08 G+ or SOS, Hangzhou, China

07-Nov-08 GT Banana, Beijing, China
08-Nov-08 G+, Shanghai, China
22-Nov-08 Global Gathering, Melbourne
23-Nov-08 Global Gathering, Perth
28-Nov-08 Global Gathering, Aukland NZ
29-Nov-08 Global Gathering, Canberra
29-Nov-08 Global Gathering, Brisbane
Turf Club
30-Nov-08 Global Gathering, Sydney
06-Dec-08 International Exhibition Center, Ukraine
13-Dec-08 ZoukOUT Festival, Malaysia

But for those of you who don’t live in or near those countries, you can still listen to Trance Around the World with Above and Beyond broadcasts at http://www.aboveandbeyond.nu/v2/welcome.php. Cheers Guys!


2 Responses to “Above and Beyond Anjunabeats Tour”

  1. Did I give you a mix by them? I’ve only got that one; I would love to hear some more stuff from them.

  2. yeah blex! you did it!

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