Video: Evidence, “The Layover”

Evidence (of Dilated Peoples) released his world premier video for his first single off of the LAyover EP “The LAyover”. The video was produced by Jason Goldwatch,who has done work for acts such as Ludacris, Dilated Peoples & Young Jeezy,and is definitely a great representation of LAX. This video does this song great justice and it’s a great way to start the hype for the LAyover EP which is due out on Decon Media on Novemeber 25th. You are going to hear me talk about that date a lot because I am waiting for it with great anticipation.

EV is one of those guys that has been working his ass off and deserves all of the credit that he gets, I honestly think there are only a few people in the game that have been putting in as much work as him. The one thing that I really like about EV is that when he initially came out with the Weatherman LP, he wasn’t trying to use the Dilated fame, he was trying to do everything by himself. Look out for that LAoyver Mixtape to due out real soon, and you know I will have a link up for that when the time comes.

You all should go out and grab Duck Season 3 by DJ Babu while you’re at it, shit is fire (review coming soon)!

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