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Paid Dues 2012 Announced!

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That’s right folks; The Paid Dues Festival has released their official lineup for the 2012 concert series. There are definitely some heavy hitters on this bill; those who attend can expect to see Wu-Tang Clan, Dilated Peoples, Kendrick Lamar and The Living Legends, just to name a few. The one thing that I love about festivals like Paid Dues and Rock The Bells is that they do a great job of highlighting acts on both coasts of the country. Even though I’m not huge on acts like Odd Future and Dipset, I would still love to make a trip out to California to see this epic bill of artists because honestly, Hip-Hop festivals are for the children.


Evidence Interview with 24/7 Hip-Hop

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Vodpod videos no longer available.
This is a gem that Nah Right uncovered. This Evidence interview is from roughly three years ago (20/20 era). The video starts off with a nice little performance of the Dilated track “Back Again”, which is definitely one of my favorites. After that, the interview starts and EV starts talking about the constants in Hip-Hop (which is evolution). EV also talks about how the labels get a cut in what seems like everything. I love how, even back then, Evidence was talking about wanting to carve his own path in the Hip-Hop game. Shouts to the dopest emcee/producer/advocate on the planet.

Video: Ruby Hornet TV Interview with DJ Babu

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Vodpod videos no longer available.

I caught this video over at 2DopeBoyz, and I have to admit it’s really good. Babu recently did a DJ show in Chicago (I really wish I could have made it) and he did an interview with Ruby Hornet TV. Basically he talks about a wide variety of topics like being able to get into DJing these days, things with Dilated Peoples (The group and the side projects), Duck Season 3 and getting out of the “bedroom” DJ mode. Babu is one of the most down to earth and humble cats you will hear about. This interview is well worth the 13 minutes of my time, I’m learning knowledge from one of the best.

Last video off The LAyover to premier Tuesday

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I really don’t need to say too much. Stay tuned.

Review: DJ Babu, Duck Season, Vol. 3 

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082808_babu_duckseason3Well what can I say? It definitely took me way too long for me to get a good review of this album up, partially because I have been terribly fucking busy with school and work. But suffice to say I found some time to give my view on this album.

First I want to say that Babu is one of the best DJ’s I’ve ever heard because his skill is unparalleled. He’s had an illustrious career with Dilated Peoples, gained fame with the World Famous Beat Junkies, and has been revered as one of the greatest battle DJ’s of all time. Babu is also a great beat maker (he put out The Beat Tape Vol. 1 last year) and this album truly shows that Babu is always in deep concentration.

Duck Season, Vol. 3 starts out the best way you could possibly start an album if you’re Babu, with the people you’ve been with your whole career. Evidence and Rakaa spit razor sharp verses on this track and the beat is crazy good. Keep in mind this is an intro and in my opinion at 1:47 long it could be my favorite on the album (I love the Looney Tunes sample at the end, as well as throughout the album). “Fan Mail” with Little Brother, Joe Scudda & Darrien Brockington is also another insane beat that Babu conjures up, and Big Pooh, Phonte & Scudda knock their verses out of the park like Sammy Sosa. Immediately after “Fan Mail” in my opinion is the best track on the album “The Unexpected” featuring MF DOOM & Sean Price. Doom and Sean Price compliment each other so well on this track and Babu’s canvas is spot on for these two to paint on. They pass the microphone back and forth like they are playing catch and their punchlines are great (Doom: we need to get a new beanie for Babu, the ones and twos genie”, Sean P: I always throw sixes, return an Ike Turner I always throw bitches”). Bishop Lamont makes a great mark on this album on the track “My Opinion” with on point rhymes and allusions the the current situation in the country. Evidence appears twice on the album (on the intro) and on the track “For Whatever It’s Worth” which is another great highlight on the album. The chemistry between EV and Babu is great and it makes for an amazing track. I was also really glad to see that Oh No (Madlib’s little brother) is starting to get some recognition (he’s on a track with Roc C entitled “Meant To Be”), he’s one of my favorite producers as well as emcees, and it’a about time more people gave him attention.

All in all this is an above average album, there are a lot of tracks that just don’t mesh with the rest of the album and tend to make it drag. This is however a great display of how good at beat making Babu really is, he can make some great soundscapes.


Video: Evidence, “The Layover”

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Evidence (of Dilated Peoples) released his world premier video for his first single off of the LAyover EP “The LAyover”. The video was produced by Jason Goldwatch,who has done work for acts such as Ludacris, Dilated Peoples & Young Jeezy,and is definitely a great representation of LAX. This video does this song great justice and it’s a great way to start the hype for the LAyover EP which is due out on Decon Media on Novemeber 25th. You are going to hear me talk about that date a lot because I am waiting for it with great anticipation.

EV is one of those guys that has been working his ass off and deserves all of the credit that he gets, I honestly think there are only a few people in the game that have been putting in as much work as him. The one thing that I really like about EV is that when he initially came out with the Weatherman LP, he wasn’t trying to use the Dilated fame, he was trying to do everything by himself. Look out for that LAoyver Mixtape to due out real soon, and you know I will have a link up for that when the time comes.

You all should go out and grab Duck Season 3 by DJ Babu while you’re at it, shit is fire (review coming soon)!

DJ Babu: “The Unexpected” (Featuring: MF Doom & Sean Price)

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DJ Babu (of the Dilated Peoples) is releasing his new solo album Duck Season Vol. 3 on October 28th, and he was gracious enough to let us hear this masterpiece (featuring MF Doom and Sean Price) which is titled “The Unexpected”. I have to admit that I wasn’t really a big fan of Doom until recently (I haven’t heard anything that great since Madvillain or Danger Doom). He has been doing a lot of projects lately with some of my favorite producers (Dilla, Jake One, Babu), and I have been absolutely loving it. This track is one of them. There are two things that really make this track: 1.) Babu’s beat is absolutely intriguing, and has a great melody that you can just bob your head to. 2.) Doom and Sean Price compliment each other so well on this track. Sean Price has a line in this track that made me laugh out loud in the middle of a parking lot with my headphones on (I think that people thought I was crazy): “I always throw sixes, return a Ike Turner I always throw bitches”.

This track is really good, and as you can expect Babu’s work on the ones and twos is incredible. Duck Season Vol. 3 promises to be a great addition to the Hip-Hop albums already out this year. There’s nothing better to me, than to see a producer coming out from behind the boards (working on other people’s music) and doing something for themselves.

If you want to see what a real DJ/Producer can do, go out and get Duck Season Vol. 3 on October 28th. Until then listen to the track.

“The Unexpected” (Featuring: MF Doom & Sean Price)

Dilated Peoples: Last is First (Produced by Alchemist)

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I logged onto my computer yesterday after work and was delighted when I looked on my Okayplayer rss feed for Firefox. It turns out that Dilated Peoples just released a new single from Decon’s Fresh Rhymes & Videotape Vol. 1 EP/DVD (Which dropped Yesterday). The one thing that I was super pumped about is that (of course) it was produced by Alchemist. When Alchemist and Dilated get together you can count on a four alarm fire because you know it’s going to be a hot track. This next year is going to be one of the busiest years ever for the Dilated Peoples crew. Dj Babu’s new album (Duck Season Vol. 3) Drops on October 28th, Evidence has the Layover EP dropping Nov 25th (as well as The Layover Mixtape and a collaboration with Alchemist entitled Step Brothers), a Purple Tape Instrumental album (He’s already released Red and Yello) and Rakaa’s Crown of Thorns was rumored to still be dropping sometime this year. All of the aforementioned information is on top of  a new Dilated Peoples album as well as Evidence’s second solo album Cats & Dogs dropping next year. Even if these were the only releases for the next year in Hip-Hop I would still say it’s going to be one hell of a fucking year. Please go grab the 6 track EP/ T-Shirt combo from Decon here and cop all the Dilated material that is coming out this year.

Last is First (Produced By Alchemist)

P.S. Sorry Okayplayer, I had to steal the picture I love seeing Rakaa reppin’ the Dilla shirt.

Evidence: The Layover

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Evidence released his single titled “The Layover” from his forthcoming EP called The Layover EP today and judging by the sounds of it EV is going to be putting out more material that is going to make its mark. Evidence has been one of the hardest working cats in the Hip-Hop game over the last year. He is putting out a free mixtape (The Layover Mixtape) sometime this month, The Layover EP (Due out November 25th), Cats & Dogs (His new album due out next year) and there is a new Dilated Peoples album in the works for next year. Evidence made his mark on the scene as a solo artist last year with the critically acclaimed The Weatherman LP which was easily my favorite album of last year and featured the songs: Mr. Slow Flow and Chase The Clouds Away. All of the “layover” material coming out in the next few months is supposed to “hold us over” until next year when his new album comes out. To be honest I have been patiently waiting until he puts out more material. Evidence is quickly rising to the top of my favorite artists in the game.

Check Out “The Layover”