Love Has Come Around

Special Disco Version, otherwise known as James Murphy and Pat Mahoney, have been quite busy as of late. Delivering all night parties in their hometowns of New York and oversees in Europe; What can only be described as a DFA showcase in London a week ago, featuring the likes of James, Pat, The Juan Maclean, Gavin Rossum, Yacht, Morgan Geist, Still Going, and Mock & Toof delivering an all night attack that could cure even the most deadly cases of disco fever. Earlier this year though, May 20th, James and Pat took to the decks once again for Beats in Space radio, hosted by co-DFA founder Tim Sweeney, delivering an amazing and expansive set that travels over two hours time. A must have for any connoisseur of music, Special Disco Version delivers exactly what is claims: PURE DISCO. What could be better you might ask? Well not much, aside from Daft Punk actually playing at your house. This great session can be had for free HERE, along with the entire Beats in Space catalogue (guests include James Murphy, Hercules and Love Affair, Shit Robot, The Juan, Joakim, Altz).                                                                                                                        

 In other DFA related news, James Murphy is apparently spear-heading a classic rock band called Hockey Night that is slatted to release an album within in the coming year. More news to follow on that front as it filters out.                                         

Like many basketball players before me, I also enjoy THIS

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