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Gorillaz “DoYaThing” feat. James Murphy and Andre 3000

Posted in Music News, News with tags , , , , on Thursday, February 23, 2012 by Eric Gilardi

Yesterday the new track by the Gorillaz was released. This track is a funky rendition that utilizes its guest collaborators, James Murphy of LCD Soundsystem and Andre 3000, very well. It has the catchy sound of a classic LCD Soundsystem track with an added flow from Andre 3ooo to finish it off. The new track is available for download on marketing I may add) so if you like what you hear go on over and scoop this one up for free. While you are there check out the Limited Edition Chuck Taylor Gorillaz Collection or play around and design your own pair of Classic Chuck Taylors.


Gorillaz Announce Guest Collaborators

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Earlier today Murdoc the front animation-man announced who the guest collaborators were for the new Gorillaz track via Soundcloud. The two lucky artists are Andre 3000(Outkast) and James Murphy(LCD Soundsystem). The group of men will be releasing “DoYaThing” in two weeks on February 23, 2012 and will be available for a free download on that day via Anytime you get 3 musical geniuses together you know something brilliant is going to happen and anytime James Murphy is working on something new I want to know. Having the brainchild of LCD Soundsystem team up with Gorillaz is one dream that is going to become a reality in two weeks. After saying that the only question is; can I just go to bed now and wake up then?


URB Magazine Features James Murphy In The Studio

Posted in Media, Video with tags , , on Thursday, June 4, 2009 by Tim Althaus

James Murphy was gracious enough to give URB an inside look during a recent LCD Sondsystem studio session. It’s only a brief 40 second clip, but as you can see James Murphy feels right at home with his synthesizers. Erik, I know you are feeling this one. In my opinion, James Murphy is pretty much a god among men.

Spotted @ URB

*Note his badass word “moogmerized”

Exclusive (Old) New LCD Soundsystem – “Starry Eyes Original”

Posted in Audio, Downloads with tags , , , , , , on Thursday, May 14, 2009 by Erik Burg

       While “Starry Eyes” got a somewhat official release back in 2007 when James Murphy and crew were tearing up your summer playlist, the track was coupled on the tail end of the amazing “Freak Out / Starry Eyes”. Waxploitation and their running Causes benefit album series were lucky enough to score a stand alone studio recording of “Starry Eyes” on Causes 2

LCD        If you haven’t heard the song yet or if you’re a newcomer to the awesomeness that is LCD Soundsystem, “Starry Eyes” might not be the best starting point, but it’s a track that is gleaming with synthesizers more reminiscent of some of the other artists on DFA. The track doesn’t even feature Murphy on vocals, instead trading him in for now Juan Maclean faithful Nancy Whang. 

      It’s a fairly repetitive track, relying heavily on the echoing snare hits and lyrics that come across as scattered and just plain weird. It’s by no means LCD’s best effort, but it’s a cool gem for long time fans because it introduces and exemplifies various aspects of the band that are rarely seen on their records. Enjoy!

LCD Soundsystem – “Starry Eyes Original” Causes 2 Exclusive

Shake Your Groove Thang

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brooklyen-jamThe world of psychedelic disco house has been heating up as of late. Kings of new-era mid tempo disco DFA and their partner record company Death From Abroad have been busy as of late, releasing singles from new and old acts alike. Starting with the new guys on the block, Runaway, Panther, and Yacht have all releases 45’s within the past few months and I’m just now discovering them (thanks iTunes Store (not)).

Although Yacht has releases various material on other labels, their first release on DFA is much different than material from their past. Most fans have heard “See a Penny” a fun electro-pop tune, but their new single “Summer Song” is a more low-fi, hand-clapping, droning vocals mix. Supposedly a track dedicated to James Murphy and the LCD Soundsystem crew from when the two acts toured together, “Summer Song” may come as a surprise to longtime Yacht fans, but the release has definite potential for fans of other acts from this great label.
Runaway, the work of Jacques Renault and Marcos Cabral, have released their first single on DFA as well. “Brooklyn Club Jam,” the electrifying seven and a half minute romp, starts as a minimal disco dub and then transforming into an up beat club banger much the likes of anything heard in Brooklyn these days (how convenient). The duo has been getting play around the globe with this hit, most notably Lindstrom and Prins Thomas’ essential bbc 1 mix, while other labels have been taking note as well. Runaway has released singles on Cosmo Vitelli’s I’m a Cliche label and European heavy weights Rekids company as well.

As for the recent releases from prior acts, Mock & Toof, The Juan Maclean, and Holy Ghost have all issues great tracks.

It’s hard to give enough praise to the New Mock & Toof effort “Underwater.” What starts as a pretty basic disco track from any other DFA act, Underwater soon takes off thanks to vocals that sooth more than blow away. The music slowly bends and builds in the six minutes, creating landscapes that relax and at the same time make you want to get up and grab the girl next to you and boogie the night away. Turning the corner at the three minute mark, Underwater takes on an entirely new element- the piano. After a short bit of silence and ambiance, the piano comes back and grabs the listener to create a beautiful and amazingly overwhelming sound that never looks back. Mock & Toof have done it again with this track, and one can only hope a full length will be released eventually instead of the usual two or three track 45s.

The Juan Maclean, busy as usual between full length albums various 45s and Djing constantly, released “The Simple Life” with the help of various friends. Nacy Whang, long time DFA partner and part of LCD Soundystem, lends vocals to the track that spins at a consistent tempo and rhythm. A fan of any other Juan project will find this track to be expected, and a nice layover until the release of his next full length.

Mentioned earlier as well, Holy Ghost has been busy, or rather their fans have been busy. Recently releasing a 45 with two great remixes on it, both remixes of last year’s surprise hit “Hold On.” Mock & Toof lend their hand to both mixes, a remix and a mod mix, both tracks are dance ready and worthy of play for any fan of the original track. On another note for Holy Ghost, Cut Copy‘s latest single is slated to have a remix of “Hearts on Fire”, the horn-friendly track off of their 2008 release In Ghost Colors.

Well for now that’s all I have in DFA related news, more should be expected when it comes about. Hopefully next time I’ll have some new Shit Robot material to talk about but that only seems to be on a year-to-year basis, so I’m not getting my hopes up just yet.

mp3 of these are hard to come by so just hit up the links ive got on their names to find the tracks mentioned. You can find most of the tracks on iTunes as well if you use that or you can buy the 45s from the DFA webstore, for all you vinyls lovers out there.

Love Has Come Around

Posted in Downloads with tags , , , on Friday, October 31, 2008 by Erik Burg

Special Disco Version, otherwise known as James Murphy and Pat Mahoney, have been quite busy as of late. Delivering all night parties in their hometowns of New York and oversees in Europe; What can only be described as a DFA showcase in London a week ago, featuring the likes of James, Pat, The Juan Maclean, Gavin Rossum, Yacht, Morgan Geist, Still Going, and Mock & Toof delivering an all night attack that could cure even the most deadly cases of disco fever. Earlier this year though, May 20th, James and Pat took to the decks once again for Beats in Space radio, hosted by co-DFA founder Tim Sweeney, delivering an amazing and expansive set that travels over two hours time. A must have for any connoisseur of music, Special Disco Version delivers exactly what is claims: PURE DISCO. What could be better you might ask? Well not much, aside from Daft Punk actually playing at your house. This great session can be had for free HERE, along with the entire Beats in Space catalogue (guests include James Murphy, Hercules and Love Affair, Shit Robot, The Juan, Joakim, Altz).                                                                                                                        

 In other DFA related news, James Murphy is apparently spear-heading a classic rock band called Hockey Night that is slatted to release an album within in the coming year. More news to follow on that front as it filters out.                                         

Like many basketball players before me, I also enjoy THIS