Little Brother: “Playin’ to Lose”


It just seems like there is more and more music coming out at the end of this year that I didn’t expect to hear. Little Brother will be re-releasing their 2006  mix tape Separate But Equal without DJ Drama in the background, and will also be adding to the mix three unreleased tracks. “Passion Flower” is one of them (which I had posted earlier), a track called “Deeper” is another and “Playin’ To Lose” make up the three unreleased tracks. I wasn’t a huge fan of Big Pooh and Phonte until I listened to the Minstrel Show, after I heard that I fell in love with Little Brother and I would say without hesitation that they are easily one of my favorite groups at this time.

Check out “Playin’ to Lose” and go out and cop Separate But Equal (Drama Free Edition) now.

“Playin’ To Lose”


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