Jay Electronica: “Exhibit A (Transformation)” (Produced by Just Blaze)


Very few artists have had an impact on me like this man has. Jay Electronica is from the Magnolia Projects in New Orleans, and he’s one hell of a smart man. This guy came on the scene with Eternal Sunshine (The Pledge) and took the internet by storm like a hurricane. This guy has some of the best rhymes I have heard in a long time. The thing that I really admire about this guy is that he makes rhyming over a Dilla beat sound like it was his birthright. I honestly think that Jay Elec may have the best flow over a Dilla beat that I’ve ever heard (yeah Common is good, but I think Jay is better). Another thing that gained my attention about this guy is when I heard that Erykah Badu decided to start Control Freaq Records after hearing him. Jay Electronica is the type of artist that you want to build a label around. He is going to be something very special when he drops his first full length.

jay_electronica-transformationsJay already has cats like Just Blaze and Erykah taking his back and getting the word out, and with names like that it’s only a matter of time until he blows up. You can probably search the internet and find some of the mix tapes that have been floating around for the last year or so. If you can find them I highly suggest copping them.


Jay Electronica: “Exhibit A (Transformation)” (Produced by Just Blaze)


One Response to “Jay Electronica: “Exhibit A (Transformation)” (Produced by Just Blaze)”

  1. […] sounds like these guys have been putting down some serious shit as of late. Just Blaze talks about Exhibit A, as well as the video trailer that they just put out. I got really excited when Blaze said that he […]

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