“I’m Girl Talk, and I’m a PC”


Greg Gillis (a.k.a Girl Talk) is known for making his crazy ass fucking mash-ups of pop and rock songs that make you want to go crazy. I don’t like pop or maintstream music at all, but what this guy can do to music is absolutely incredible if you haven’t heard of him go download Feed the Animals (you can download for free or pay a penny if you like). In this video Gillis admits that he uses a PC instead of the traditional Mac that is used with making music. He talks about his theories on music, why he likes PC software (“punk”) and a couple of other things. Notice the background images of his shows, they are epic as hell and look like a crazy time. *Edit from ericbandloveaffair* holy shit that was the greatest night of my life, Gillis was absolutely insane and i took home a ton of shwag, including a sweaty Greg Gillis sweat band and a GT all access pass. more pics here

“I’m a PC and I make people sweat”

*** Note my boy Burg (ericbandloveaffair) (on the right side in the picture above) next to Gillis when he performed at First Avenue (He looks like he’s totally feeling it).

EDITOR’S NOTE: now I’m feeling it!



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