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5 Good Reasons to Avoid a Bassnectar Show

Posted in Off Topic, Random with tags , , , on Friday, August 17, 2012 by Eric Gilardi

5. His fan base consists of a lot of middle school aged kids.

There seems to be an influx of young kids at Bassnectar shows. I have nothing against young kids as long as they can be responsible and not cause a scene; however, it is never a good time when I have to look at a girl who is far too young to be that far gone.

4. His music is ground shaking but not ground breaking.

The consistency of his sound consists of a lot of heavy bass. I guess if you like to listen to a repetitive heavy bass line then it is a show for you. That is why I say his music is ground shaking but not ground breaking. He isn’t creating electronic music that is trend setting or new to the industry. This heavy bass seems to work for him even though I do not understand how or why?

3.  Slow vibe dancing is just not as fun.

When attending a Bassnectar show get ready to vibe slow. His display of powerful bass is great if you are into dancing slow but if you are looking for a dance party, you will not find one at his show. I prefer a dance party over a crowd who is methodically moving to the beat.

2. Throws in the change of pace too late in his set.

When I saw him recently at Lollapalooza, he changed it up towards the end of his set with some hopped up punk rock. This was a lot of fun and got the crowd going – an easy thing to do after putting everyone to sleep for an hour. If he would have mixed some of this in to break up the monotonous first hour, or brought in a few upbeat dance songs to change the pace a bit,  his show would be more enjoyable.

1. His music is fit for the bedroom not a music venue.

This slow vibe dancing I was talking of earlier can make you look to this music as a way to make babies. There’s a name for this style of electronic music: baby making music. That is why when you look around at one of his shows you see a bunch of people “getting it on” in the crowd. That is cool if you like to see that display of public affection, but it’s not my number one priority when attending a show. To the people who like to do that, put a subwoofer under your bed and turn the bass up if you cannot give your women a proper orgasm.

*Take note for every reason I just listed could be the very reason you want to attend a Bassnectar show. If you are a really big fan of his music, then I would definitely suggest going. Keep in mind, the opinions of this article are from a person who was totally impartial before going to the show at Lollapalooza.


Music Discovery: Brett Orr

Posted in Music Discovery with tags , , , , , , , on Monday, February 13, 2012 by Eric Gilardi

As I first put on Brett Orr I absolutely had no idea what to expect. Sometimes when people get a hold of you to review their music it can take you a little while to actually take the gander over for that first listen. His first song on his Facebook had me turning the volume up to 50 on the old Bose. Once his funky soulful voice hit at the 47-second mark in “Becoming a Man” you know he has what it takes to make it in the music industry.

Reading on about the Australia native you learn that he does it all from playing the drums and piano down to the actual production on his debut album Foundations. This independent Australian artist has a very unique sound for being so full of soul. One way to describe his music would be to call it simply beautiful or you could say it is some funked-out soul with R&B and Electronica elements. You can call it whatever you want to after you take that first listen.

Big Gigantic Does it BIG with NOCTURNAL

Posted in Album Download, Audio, Media with tags , , , on Thursday, January 12, 2012 by Eric Gilardi

The duo from Boulder, CO really has out done themselves with their new album NOCTURNAL; not only is it free but it’s also phenomenal. This is one of those albums that can literally melt your face while you are melting away into your couch. If you haven’t heard of this electronic duo I suggest you go to their website, and take full advantage of the free download.

Once you start listening be fully aware that you will need about 53 minutes of your day to complete the voyage into a futuristic space that is NOCTURNAL by Big Gigantic. The track “Beginning Of the End” blends melodic horns with an electro-funk sound in such a way that this is far from the Beginning Of the End for these two but rather the progression into the bright future.

After you download this album feel free to download the rest of their discography from their site. Now that they have hooked you up, return the favor and hook them up by attending one of their shows. If you like the music, you will love what you will see while in attendance. Trust your ears now and your eyes later.

Flying Lotus, “Aunties Lock”

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I was over at Sound Verite, and needless to say I caught this gem over there. If you haven’t gotten up on Steven Ellison (Flying Lotus) yet, you are missing out on some fantastic music. If you were to toss Dilla, Madlib & Prefuse 73’s styles into one unique sound, that is what Fly Lo would sound like. It’s so hard to put a finger on what style his music is, you could easily call it Electronica, but on the other hand you could easily call it Hip-Hop as well. I’ll leave the judging to you. If you get the chance, get all of his work that he’s put out. Everything that this guy has done has been nothing short of exemplary. His L.A. EP 3×3 is now out on limited vinyl via Warp Records as well.

Download: Flying Lotus, “Aunties Lock”

Tortoise “Prepare Your Coffin” for Beacons of Ancestorship w/ music video

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Vodpod videos no longer available.

It’s true; it really has been almost five years! The wait is soon over friends, so don’t fret. New jazzy prog-tronic goodness will be coming from Tortoise by way of their sixth album Beacons of Ancestorship on June 23rd and they are previewing the new album via Pitchfork with a b/w video for the jazzed out “Prepare Your Coffin” that will make any architecture major giddy. Check it out above.

Also, I encourage you to preview Beacons of Ancestorship at their official site: HERE

A once in a lifetime news years party…

Posted in Music News with tags , , , , , , on Tuesday, December 30, 2008 by Erik Burg

…Well, if you’re into dancing your ass off and retro-disco music that is. New comers to Minneapolis, but far from new comers to the dance floors, Hercules and Love Affair will be headlining a spectacular new years eve blowout party at The Loft in downtown Minneapolis. The show also features sets from hip-hop DJ Klever and Le Castle Vania, who’s described as “stroboscopic sleaze-pop that sparkles and shines like Champagne at an orgy” by URB. Along with those three spectacular guests is So Gold who will be performing live, and who’s material I’ve just recently gotten into thanks to The Stay Spun. It’s all hosted my the Moon Goons so it’s sure to have a Minneapolis groove to it all.
It’s hard to praise Hercules and Love Affair anymore than I already have, but it’s true, Andrew Butler is an absolute mastermind on the tables, just go listen to his various Beats In Space sets to see what I mean. And like I said, this is certainly a once in a lifetime chance to see Hercules shake their groove thang. The group never toured anywhere near here in support of their self-titled album (which took years to produce so don’t expect anything new for a while) so I wouldn’t expect to see Butler back here anytime time soon, if ever again.
So yeah, get your ass on the floor at The Loft on new years, enough said bitches. hope to see you there!!!

Video: Justice on KarmaloopTV

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Vodpod videos no longer available.
Well here’s another video of Justice talking about their crazy ass DVD coming out entitled A Cross The Universe. It’s due out December 9th as a Live DVD/CD combo and promises to be a great release. According to these guys they filmed over 200 hours of footage and narrowed it down to just one hour for the DVD (for all of you doing rapid math that’s .5% of the footage). This shit looks like it’s going to be crazy, I know I’m going out to get it.

“I’m Girl Talk, and I’m a PC”

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Greg Gillis (a.k.a Girl Talk) is known for making his crazy ass fucking mash-ups of pop and rock songs that make you want to go crazy. I don’t like pop or maintstream music at all, but what this guy can do to music is absolutely incredible if you haven’t heard of him go download Feed the Animals (you can download for free or pay a penny if you like). In this video Gillis admits that he uses a PC instead of the traditional Mac that is used with making music. He talks about his theories on music, why he likes PC software (“punk”) and a couple of other things. Notice the background images of his shows, they are epic as hell and look like a crazy time. *Edit from ericbandloveaffair* holy shit that was the greatest night of my life, Gillis was absolutely insane and i took home a ton of shwag, including a sweaty Greg Gillis sweat band and a GT all access pass. more pics here

“I’m a PC and I make people sweat”

*** Note my boy Burg (ericbandloveaffair) (on the right side in the picture above) next to Gillis when he performed at First Avenue (He looks like he’s totally feeling it).

EDITOR’S NOTE: now I’m feeling it!


Justice DVD Teaser Trailer!

Posted in Video with tags , on Monday, October 6, 2008 by Tim Althaus

The chain-smoking dance/techno duo of Xavier de Rosnay and Gaspard Auge (otherwide known as Justice) have put out the trailer for their DVD A Cross The Universe. I was turned onto these guys buy a friend of mine about a year ago. Being largely into Hip-Hop I had a natural love for beats, and it just so happened that Justice makes some pretty amazing ones. I immediately fell in love with the album Cross after the first listen (This usually does not happen, I usually extensively listen to albums). Justice started to get

Rosnay & Auge

Rosnay & Auge

a big name when they initially beat out Kanye West in the Video of the Year category at the MTV Europe Video Music Awards for the video of the Simian Mobile Disco songWe Are Your Friends” (The Justice Remix) in 2006. Justice also put out the critically acclaimed hit D.A.N.C.E. in 2007. From what I have heard these guys put on an amazing show, and judging by the trailer to this DVD it’s going to be one hell of a ride to watch. The material seen in the trailer is nothing short of crazy. I advise you go get this when it comes out November 24th.