Omar Rodriguez Lopez to release solo album on Stones Throw, WTF?


Well it just seems like my favorite record label in the whole entire world keeps getting better and better. The same label that houses J Dilla, Madlib, MF Doom & Oh No (Stones Throw Records) will be releasing Omar Rodriguez’s new album Old Money on January 27th on compact disc and vinyl. The digital download is available now right here for $9.99. Stones Throw has a few artists on their label that are outside the genre of Hip-Hop that are very talented (Koushik, James Pants and now Omar). These artists are only going to help the label expand into other territories that they will probably also dominate. Old Money is Omar’s follow-up to his 2007 solo effort The Apocalypse Inside of An Orange, and promises to be a great album with influences ranging from Pink Floyd to Santana.

Omar has been a rather busy character with solo work as well as everything that he has done with the Mars Volta, and this album sounds like it might sound psychedelic yet very funky at the same time. I know I’m very interested to hear what Omar has up his sleeve because naturally I fucking love Stones Throw Records and I also love Volta.


4 Responses to “Omar Rodriguez Lopez to release solo album on Stones Throw, WTF?”

  1. Sweet post! I never got the apocalypse record, but his solo stuff is crazy and awesome.. i can’t wait to hear it. why do you think he’s releaseing it on stones throw?

  2. I think they are looking to diversify their catalog. Def Jux is kind of doing the same thing with Chin Chin.

  3. @ alteezimo: stones throw has never had a problem with a catalog that is not diverse. funk comps, electronic jazz, trippy psyche jazz (stark reality), electro, etc etc.

  4. I didn’t say that they had a problem with a diversified catalog I just said they were trying to diversify, I guess I should have specified.

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