HipHop DX’s Producer’s Corner with Elzhi & Black Milk

elzhi2 As if you haven’t heard enough from me on Elzhi & Black Milk this last year, HipHop DX did a feature on these two at the end of last year in their Producer’s Corner. Elzhi & Black Milk took the Hip-Hop game by storm last year by releasing two of the best albums of 2008. This is a great interview and it makes for a long but very great read. If you like both of these artists (as I do very much) I would highly suggest that you read this article because it is very in depth and to the point.

Jump on over to HipHop DX and check out the article for yourself.

Also, if you didn’t get a chance to read my reviews of either of these albums here is your chance again.

Review: Black Milk, Tronic

Review: Elzhi, The Preface


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