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Music Discovery: Of Mice & Musicians

Posted in Music Discovery with tags , , on Monday, June 18, 2012 by Tim Althaus

We all know how much I enjoy music from the Murder Mitten, so it’s no surprise that I dig the musical offerings from Of Mice and Musicians. The seven man band from Detroit has been on their grind for a few years now, and their latest album (Bottles & Bones) is an impressive collection of rock infused Hip-Hop. If I could compare the sound of the guys to anything, it would probably be a mix between the instrumentals of Sublime and Citizen Cope mixed with the vocals of Weerd Science and Cage.

One of my favorite lines from Benjamin Miles is on “Sorry My Mom Called”, and it defines what making music should be about: “…Didn’t start it, probably won’t save it/but I appreciate it/I am proud of what we makin’/even if we don’t make it/if I can rock a show on the weekend with my friends, I’ll take it”. Another track that jumped right out at me was “Don’t Hate”; the guitar work and instrumentation is unbelievable, and Miles spits stanzas filled with passion and pain.

It’s always refreshing to hear music that you can relax to, and these guys are definitely the ticket. I know for a fact that Eric would enjoy these guys quite a bit. Detroit has always been what I consider the epicenter of Hip-Hop, and Of Mice and Musicians are carving their own lane with their style of music; that’s something that I can truly appreciate. You can jump over to Of Mice and Musicians’ Bandcamp page and grab  Bottles & Bones for free; how can you argue with a free album full of great music? I know I can’t…


Slept on Saturdays: The Left, Gas Mask

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When Hip-Hop fanatics talk about modern day underground classics (the last 10 years), they generally always mention a few albums: Blu & Exile, Below the Heavens; Little Brother, The Minstrel Show and Madvillain, Madvillainy. For some odd reason, I don’t hear anyone talk about The Left, Gas Mask; Journalist 103, Apollo Brown & DJ Soko crafted the perfect record with no filler and no throw-away tracks. I’ve been well aware of Apollo Brown’s skills on the boards for some time, but for unknown circumstances I managed to neglect Gas Mask when it came out back in 2010. This album has everything synonymous with a classic album: pristine production, raw lyricism and perfectly placed guest appearances. Continue reading

Guilty Simpson, Phat Kat, Big Tone & DJ Graffiti x Splash!-Mag

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Vodpod videos no longer available.

Definitely a great thing to see coverage on Detroit Hip-Hop, it’s my favorite shit out there (no offense Minneapolis), no one is bringing a sound to the Midwest (with the exception of MPLS) like Dietroit. Splash!-Mag caught up with Guilty Simpson, Phat Kat, Big Tone & DJ Graffiti this year at the Splash! Festival. Big Tone talks about how it’s his first time over in Europe and what that experience is like. Phat Kat talks about his new album that he is finishing up, The Katacombs, and an album called Co-Still that he is working on with Elzhi (that’s what I like to hear).

Guilty grabs the mic and mentions his album with Madlib, says that the Random Axe project is just about done, and that he is also working on his second official release. He delves into the OJ Simpson album and talks a little bit about what you can expect to hear. I had heard something near catastrophic happened on the Random Axe project, and Guilty tells us that Black Milk did indeed lose a lot of the work associated with the album. Sean Price & Guilty Simpson had to re-record their vocals for the album.

There is so much more in this interview that is great, I mean it’s 20 minutes long. Take some notes from one of the best Hip-Hop cities in the country.

Shouts to 2DopeBoyz on the look.

Slum Village Be “Actin’ Normal”

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Vodpod videos no longer available.

Here is the latest video from Slum Village off of their upcoming album Villa Manifesto. The direction on the video was done by Dwele, and you might notice himself and Black Milk making cameos in this one. I can assure you I will be copping the new Slum Village shit when it drops. Will you?

R.I.P. Baatin

Spotted @ Hip Hop Official

R.I.P. Titus “Baatin” Glover

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I was utterly saddened and extremely expressionless yesterday when I heard that Baatin passed away. One of my colleagues sent me a Blackberry Message asking if “I heard the dude from Slum Village passed”? I almost thought he was bullshitting me right away, but I know he wouldn’t mess around with me when it came to Detroit Hip-Hop. I immediately sent him a message asking him (not sure why) if it was Baatin. He sent me a message that confirmed my previous question. I still to this moment can’t believe it, I almost feel like the whole situation is surreal. Baatin is absolutely seminal when it comes to talking about the Detroit Hip-Hop scene. He was the co-founder of Slum Village, which is easily one of my favorite groups of all-time. I simply don’t know if the Detroit scene would be anywhere near what it is today without Baatin. Detroit as well as the world of Hip-Hop lost an embassador yesterday. My heart goes out to Baatin’s family and everybody that was close to him, you’ve lost an extraordinary human being.

There’s only one thing we can all do now:


Editor’s Note: ?uestlove actually wrote a great piece on Baatin & Slum Village which you can read here.

Black Milk Brings Detroit to the Den Haag iLoveHipHop Festival

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I don’t think posting about this guy is ever going to get old. Black Milk was over in Den Haag (The Netherlands) for the iLoveHipHop Festival to tear apart the stage and bring a little bit of Detroit to Europe. In the first video above there is a nice lengthy intro of some of Black’s best work (in my opinion, I love the beat to “Sound of the City”) and then he jumps right into “Long Story Short” with full force. The thing that I’m loving about this video is that Black is performing with a live band, which is something that is truly amazing to see at a Hip-Hop show. Follow me after the jump to watch the other two videos featuring “Losing Out” & “Sound The Alarm”. Continue reading

Finale Gets Some “Issues” Off His Chest

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finaleAs I mentioned in an album review I did earlier this month, Finale’s album A Pipe Dream and a Promise is stupendously stellar. This track, “Issues”, is the latest leak off of Finale’s album and offers a harrowing insight into growing up in less than average circumstances. At the same time the song is also a great narrative about making the best of bad situations. The song is produced by Swiss producer Dimlite and according to the e-mail I got, Finale got the beat and wrote this track in an hour. Finale has talent that most emcees would kill for, this track is a great example of this.

Make sure you download this track, and if you haven’t go out and pick up Finale’s debut album A Pipe Dream and a Promise because it’s one hell of an impressive jump into the world of Hip-Hop.

Download: Finale, “Issues” (Produced by Dimlite)

Also Download:

Finale, “Heat” (Prod. J Dilla)

Finale, “One Man Show