NEW AUDIO: Eminem Feat. 50 Cent and Dr. Dre – “Crack A Bottle”

eminemdreIt’s finally here folks, the finished version of “Crack a Bottle”. The other version that was floating around the web wasn’t nearly finished in production, and thus turned many of its listeners off. But this time around Eminem, Dr.  Dre, and 50 cent absolutely kill it. As much as we may doubt mainstream rap on this site, or much as we might dismiss this right away, I’m happy to say that I infact do enjoy this cut. It’s beyond refreshing to have Eminem back on the scene, seeing as he is one of the few mainstream artists whos talent expands beyond the auto-tuner.

The wait was well worth it for thsi track, too. With the final touches put on it the beat roars throughout and the track runs the perfect length as to not get too repetitive. The best verse in the song has to be in the second have when Eminem introduces Dre and he steps in to just flat out kill the track. It’s worth every listen you give it and one of the few reasons why there might be hope for the mainstream music scene, if only for this short period of time. enjoy!

mp3: Eminem – “Crack A Bottle”


2 Responses to “NEW AUDIO: Eminem Feat. 50 Cent and Dr. Dre – “Crack A Bottle””

  1. Shit’s fire. I gotta admit I love it to…

  2. It’s a pretty decent beat… I’m just so tired of hearing dudes spit about how many girls they get, how many cars they have, or how money doesn’t matter because they are so rich. Whatever happened to the rap concept album?

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