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Ray Benzino? Who?

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You may be asking yourself that exact question. Who the fuck is Ray Benzino? Well if you were wondering, Ray Benzino is the man behind The Source Magazine, and he’s no doubt a dumbass. In this video he talks about the new Jay-Z cover (hating on it), why Slaughterhouse is overrated (Really?), he also says “Fuck Royce Da 5’9”. Apparently Benzino wanted to order a coffin for himself, because I dont think anyone should be fronting on the Slaughterhouse Machine, especially a dude that doesn’t make good music. Ray ended up taking it one step further and releasing an Eminem & Slaughterhouse diss track called “Good Fellaz”. Now, I don’t know about you guys but… I think that if either of these two respond to Benzino, shit is gonna be crazy as fuck. Follow me after the jump to download “Good Fellaz”. Continue reading


Alchemist Flashes a “Smile” With Twista & Maxwell

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Here’s a single off of yet another album I can’t wait to get. Alchemist leaked the second track off of his new album Chemical Warfare entitled “Smile”. It features the R&B singer Maxwell and features the cunningly quick Twista on the mic as well. Is it just me or has Alchemist really been stepping up his rhyme game as of late? Make sure you check this one, Alchemist knows how to make some sick beats. You can also follow me after the jump to download the first leak off of Chemical Warfare featuring Eminem. Continue reading

Alchemist, Chemical Warfare Artwork x Tracklisting

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Chemical Warfare

Boy oh boy, this album looks like it’s going to kick some serious ass. There are plenty of amazing guest appearances on this album, and you know ALC’s production is going to be bomb as hell. Make sure you pick this one up on July 7th and follow me after the jump for the tracklisting. Continue reading

Wild Style Wednesday Review: Jay-Z, The Blueprint

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jay-z-the-blueprintAlthough you guys don’t hear my talk about Hov very much, I can assure you that he is one of my favorite emcees of all time. In my opinion The Blueprint is his shining moment as an emcee (although many would argue Reasonable Doubt is) without a doubt. This album has pristene production and Jay-Z’s flow, delivery and lyrics on this album are truly top notch. I picked up this album when I was in 8th grade, and I’ve been bumping it ever since. Now that I look back on this album, I can’t believe that I didn’t even think about this record for my top 10 most influential albums. The production on this album is handled by Kanye West (in his prime), Just Blaze, Bink & Eminem. With those names already you know the beats are going to be crazy as hell. Continue reading

NEW AUDIO: Eminem Feat. 50 Cent and Dr. Dre – “Crack A Bottle”

Posted in Downloads with tags , , , , , , , , on Wednesday, February 4, 2009 by Erik Burg

eminemdreIt’s finally here folks, the finished version of “Crack a Bottle”. The other version that was floating around the web wasn’t nearly finished in production, and thus turned many of its listeners off. But this time around Eminem, Dr.  Dre, and 50 cent absolutely kill it. As much as we may doubt mainstream rap on this site, or much as we might dismiss this right away, I’m happy to say that I infact do enjoy this cut. It’s beyond refreshing to have Eminem back on the scene, seeing as he is one of the few mainstream artists whos talent expands beyond the auto-tuner.

The wait was well worth it for thsi track, too. With the final touches put on it the beat roars throughout and the track runs the perfect length as to not get too repetitive. The best verse in the song has to be in the second have when Eminem introduces Dre and he steps in to just flat out kill the track. It’s worth every listen you give it and one of the few reasons why there might be hope for the mainstream music scene, if only for this short period of time. enjoy!

mp3: Eminem – “Crack A Bottle”

Hot Track: “Preservation”

Posted in Downloads with tags , , , , on Tuesday, January 13, 2009 by Erik Burg

I was first tipped off on this track by the fine people over at our Minnesota counterpart Culture Bully, and I couldn’t be thankful enough. As their article states, the beat from this Aesop Rock and Del the Funky Homosapian  collaboration is the foundation for the new Eminem track that’s recently leaked and been floating around the world of all things Marshall Mathers for a few weeks now. I’m not ready to give any new Eminem a listen to until it’s finished on the production line, so I’ll just get a quick word in on the beat instead. “Preservation” comes from some Wu-Tang material in 2005, but I’m just hearing it now for the first time. And if you’re in the same boat as I was and have enjoyed any past material from either of the artists you need to give this track a spin, I mean, it’s the only track that I’ve played in the last week from an artist without a fake name or mask (animal collective). The two collaborators work together perfectly and create a track that not only flows better vocally than 90% of rap out there, but the piano key sample in the background is absolute fire. Not much else to say about it, other than I highly suggest it for anybody interested in anything hip-hop. Until next time, enjoy!

Mr. Del The Funky in all his close-up glory

Mr. Del The Funky in all his close-up glory

mp3: Aesop Rock and Del The Funky Homosapian – “Preservation”