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Sonic Youth play “Antenna” and “Sacred Trickster” live on A>D>D; release new album tomorrow

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Vodpod videos no longer available.

Is anyone as excited to bike over to Electric Fetus tomorrow to pick up Sonic Youth‘s The Eternal as I am? I highly doubt it…

As part of the media blitz for the album release, Sonic Youth seems to have taken up a residency at for the week. Today, things kick off with the band playing two brand news songs, “Antenna” and “Sacred Trickster”, live in the extremely intimate (aka cramped and confined) filming studio for the low-budget A>D>D series…

LIVE VIDEO: Sonic Youth, “Antenna” live on A>D>D

Click the “read more” link because we have embedded more live video of SY playing their insanely awesome first single from The Eternal, “Sacred Trickster” live on’s A>D>D, as well. Enjoy… Continue reading


Hercules & Love Affair debut new material via mix cd

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The art of the mixtape is far from dead. Whether you’re talking the thousands of hip-hop and rap artists trying to get their name out there or hype an album through this medium, or you’re chatting about the newest Fabric Live or Kitsune tapes, mix cds are not as dead as their 90’s origins. Come July 13 in fact, you’ll be able to get your hands on some awesome new Hercules and Love Affair material thanks to mastermind and coordinator Andrew Butler’s new mixtape. 


Set to be released on Dance happy label Renaissance, the album will feature Andy Butler doing what he does best: DJing for two hours. Rats off to anybody who recognizes more than about five tracks on it, seeing as Butler has a taste for the obscure, bottom-of-the-crate house music. But I’ve got full faith in the man, after seeing him spin live and after hearing him on various podcasts, I know that the Hercules front man can deliver some of the best in the last few decade’s dance music. 

Andrew Butler will be the test case for this mix series as well, entitled Sidetracked. Though it’s a concept that various labels and outlets have been exploring lately, Sidetracked looks to be another promising medium for artists to show that they’re into music other than their own. So be sure to check out the album when it hits shelves July 13.


CD 1 (mixed) CD 2 (same tracks; un-mixed)
01 Westbam: “And Party”
02 Sax: “No Pares (Don’t Stop)”
03 Hercules & Love Affair: “I Can’t Wait”
04 In Flagranti: “I Never Screwed Around Before”
05 Dubwise: “Hold Me Real Tight”
06 Fax Yourself: “Sunshine”
07 Todd Terry Project: “Weekend”
08 Daniel Wang: “Zola Has Landed”
09 Rhythm Masters: “Oh Oh Why”
10 Los Kings Del Mambo: “Studio X”
11 Dr. Buzzard’s Original Savannah Band: “I’ll Play the Fool”
12 Ray Martinez Jnr: “Lady of the Night”
13 Gino Soccio “Dream On”
14 Rainbow Team: “Dreaming”

My life has been sucked away

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Okay so I have been and will continue to be basically incommunicato for the next week. 18 credits the week before finals and 30 a week at work will do that to you. The music world, sadly, goes on without me. But here is a round-up of various ongoing over the past few days.

1. Calvin Harris remixes Passion Pits new single “The Reeling”

2. White Denim released a new track entitled “Mirrored and Reverse”

White Denim – “Mirrored and Reverse”

3. Phoenix gets remixed twice. Once by Classixx another adding a Dub. They play this tour date (be there): 06/23 Minneapolis, MN @ Varsity

Phoenix – “1901 (Ivan Beck Dub)”

4. I have to give two presentations now. Hope you enjoy! See you in a week!

Modest Mouse prep 7″ for Record Store Day and rare B-Side surfaces amongst cumulative EP

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Record Store Day is fast approaching (April 18th) and with that comes some new Modest Mouse material. As my love for this band has grown over the past year or so I’ve dug further back into their catalogue and also anticipated their upcoming releases as well. News that they had did a video Directed by Heath Ledger was beyond interesting, and now their series of four vinyl singles sparked my interest as well. 


The first of the four single series is slated to be released on Record Store Day, as I mentioned, and will be packaged in a nice three panel sleeve with accompanied orange 7″. The two tracks featured will be “Satellite Skin” (which the band performed on Letterman and you can see here) and also “Guilty Cocker Spaniels.” 

The order in which the other vinyls will pour out has yet to be determined, but all four of them are part a cumulative effort that will lead to an eight track EP entitled No One’s First And You’re Next in August. So it’s all part of a cumulative effort that will eventually make me spend a lot more money than I should, but will be an awesome keepsake for die-hards. If your record player is broken though, the first of the 7″s will be released digitally on April 21st. 

An MP3 has surfaced as well of one of the tracks listed later on in the sequence. “I’ve Got It All (most)” is an interesting choice, it was originally released with Good News digitally as a bonus track but was very quickly removed by the band and has been hard to find ever since. But alas, I Guess I’m Floating was lucky enough to snag it when It came out and now you’re all lucky enough that they he re-posted it.  It’s an awesome cut too, and hearing it for the first time is getting me crazy excited for the EP. Sounds a lot like everything on Good News and it’s a mystery why it wasn’t included on the album, but at least it’s finally getting an official release on the less. 

MP3: Modest Mouse – “I’ve Got It All (most)”

No One’s First And You’re Next track listing:

1. Autumn Beds 2. Guilty Cocker Spaniel 
3. History 4. I’ve Got It All (most) 
5. King Rat 6. Satellite Skin 
7. Tie The Lake Down 8. The Whale Song

Album Review: The Juan MacLean – “The Future Will Come”

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thejuanmacleancover2DFA record’s heavy hitters have been on a role for the past couple of years. 2007 brought Sound of Silver, 2008 had Hercules and Love Affair, and this year the Juan MacLean return with their first full length album since under-rated 2005 sensation Less Than Human.

This time around though, the amazing Nancy Whang has been platooned to help transform The Juan’s sound into the more vocally driven and pop (ish) sounding realm. It’s an addition that was welcome by fans salivating at the chance to hear anything new from a guy that released one of the most stearling singles of last year, “Happy House.” That track ended up being the closer to The Future Will Come, making the euphoria at the end of this album more amazing than any other record I’ve heard this year. 

But let’s jump back to the beginning. “The Simple Life” sets the pace for the album, at an almost exhausting eight minute length, Nancy’s presence on the album is made clear from the first verse. She’s been featured on tracks throughout the DFa catalogue, but here she is finally the center of attention, and like I said, it’s a welcome addition as her voice complements the relaxed minimal house that The Juan is so famous for producing. 

But the most interesting aspect of the new album might be Juan MacLean himself actually getting some good time on the mic. On past albums he was simply an afterthought, focussing the music much more on the music. Even when vocals were used in the past, like on the single “Give Me Every Little Thing” they were from outside personas, not himself. So jump to track two, the title track, and thirty seconds in “The Future Will Come” gets a nice break down, filled in by Juan getting nasty on the vocals. I have to say, he’s probably a terrible singer, but his half spoken and omnipotent voice jumps off the record, “The future will come I’ve had a vision, your popularity is a deep revision.” 

It was like hearing Antony Hegarty or Kim Ann overtop of Andy Butler’s production last year. The vocals slapped me in the face, and the music itself didn’t lose a beat. When it’s all boiled down, the album will be praised for its production and not he lyrics or the vocalization, despite that being the biggest change on the the album. The notable singles off the album, the previously mentioned “Happy House” and Simple Life” along with the ten minute long “Tonight” which falls right in the middle of The Future Will Come, reminding fans of older Juan MacLean material that he can still put together sprawling and layered house music that makes tap your toe and drop your jaw with the same dub pattern. 

The Future Will Come will undoubtedly be remembered for its slight revision in the formula that made the man a legend. Whether it’s for better or worse is yet to be decided, I personally love it though. Die hards might point to songs like “No Time” that last a mere three and a half minutes, pulsating with dancy synths and littered with both Whang and Juan’s vocals. “Just because you body’s human, you don’t have that much to offer. When I’m deep inside of you I feel like there’s not much to do to satisfy your petty yearning” Mr. MacLean opens the track stating. Nancy counters with “tomorrow when then morning comes, I’ll be ready to get home. Thank you for the lovelyup-juan evening, everybody needs some loving.” So the two partners play off each other very well, both in character and in the production. 

Ultimately it all comes back to “Happy House.” The epic, yes epic, twelve and a half minute ramp through classic disco production mixed perfectly with the new vocal contribution is set to get more playing time than it already got last year. The track never loses touch with what it is, maintaining a steady bpm and a perfect rhythm throughout. Nancy jumps in at the three minute mark, with beautiful keyboard rotating in the foreground she captures the listener, “You came to me from my history.” Skip to the eight minute mark, highlighted by an amazing break down that features an awesome bass hook revolving Nancy yelling “Launch me into space!” And the last few minutes do that too, adding much more heavy synth layers to the already funky beat that is carried throughout the entire song. It builds and builds to a euphoric ending, capping what is not only the best track of 2009 next to “My Girls” but what is one of the top albums of ’09 as well. 

If you haven’t heard the Juan MacLean before now might be your chance. The vocals add a fun perspective to the music, now a lot more than just house production and airy synths the Juan offers some of the greatest minimal electro has to offer. Another notch in the belt for DFA The Future Will Come simply can’t be over looked, if not just for “Happy House.”

The Juan Maclean – The Future Will Come    9 out of 10

MP3: The Juan MacLean – “No Time”

Album Review: DM Stith, Heavy Ghost

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Entrenched with a musical background, DM Stith had shut music out of his like for some 20 years. Refusing to sing at age of 8 for the next two decades, Stith instead tried focusing on visual arts and writing. An attempted novel in college, along with a children’s book written and illustrated by himself, had failed. Leaving Stith with few options other than to return to the life he seems almost destined for.


With the release of his first full length album, which he began writing and recording while helping friend Shara Worden of My Brightest Diamond record Bring Me the Workhorse, Stith attempts to accomplish through song what he has been wrestling with for years: “I’ve been really fascinated by some ideas about the functioning dichotomies of the mind, The crux of this idea… is that these different selves, these voices that influence the way we behave, these bundles of memory and self-protection, are things we can’t rid ourselves of.” This idea shows through in his music as well, undoubtedly so. The twelve track LP, entitled Heavy Ghost, clearly illustrates the kind of beauty and unexpectedness that Stith seeks in life. The album is littered with eclectic instrumentals, yet is grounded in the piano and strings. His vocals create stunning landscapes that match the almost ebb and flow that the album has. Flooding the listeners with tense strings, tribal percussion, and nervous piano, DM Stith is able to captivate the listeners each and every song.

It’s admittedly hard for me to try and write a solid review for this album because it’s so tightly knit. The instruments are bound to the vocals, and vice versa. Each track remains its own, but the album actually feels like an album. The patterns and repetition used throughout keeps the listener in the moment, never allowing you to become lazy or bored. Though Stith remarks about the album title that “Ghost, for me was a metaphor, not mysticism,” the piano keys seem to be a way for Stith to release his inner ghosts. It’s truly an amazing album. Heavy Ghost never lets up either, all the way through its final track “Wig,” DM Stith is able to make his formula work.

And lucky for you, if you haven’t heard any of DM Stith’s album yet, you can stream the entire thing over at Muxtape right now, I’ll post the link below. Interested in some of his other works as well? Two brilliant EPs were released before Heavy Ghost and you can find them on his website as well, below is an mp3 of the breathtaking “Just Once” off of the Curtain Speech EP. Check out his Flickr account as well.

DM Stith – Heavy Ghost 8.5 out of 10


MP3: DM Stith – “Just Once” off of the Curtain Speech EP

Peter Bjorn and John have “Nothing to Worry About”

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Peter Bjorn And John’s new album Living Thing hasn’t dropped quite yet, out officially March 31st, but a few of their singles from the new album have been leaking out. Most notably is the overly-happy and upbeat “Nothing to Worry About.” It’s a track that changes a lot of what PB&J have been known for. Gone is the clean style and extreme likable-ness in exchange for distorted and nearly lo-fi vocal choruses. I’m personally a huge fan of the track, I think it’s a great step for the band especially after the under-rated SeasidepbjRock instrumental album. Some of the instrumentals on the track are very derivative of what they created on Seaside Rock, but the vocals are nothing like their past material… No whistles, sorry guys. Though “Nothing to Worry About” is certainly a track you could find yourself whistling to. It’s a fun song, very danceable, very fun, and yet nothing too outlandish or silly like some tracks of Writer’s Block. It’s a great track, hands down. Check it out below, Enjoy!

MP3: Peter Bjorn & John – “Nothing to Worry About”  off of Living Thing out March 31st.

I promised more remixes and Mash-ups too, so here you go. It’s one of the most sampled and mashed up tracks I know of- B.I.G.’s “Party and Bullshit” with the new aforementioned “Nothing to Worry About.” And while many of the crazy mash-ups out there today fail miserably, this one actually does a pretty fine job of staying sane and accomplishing what any remix should do, it makes you want to put a giant grin on your face and groove your feet all night long. I love this edit, I love the original, I love music. And I hope you do too, Enjoy!

MP3: Peter Bjorn & John vs. Notorious BIG – “Nothing to Worry About, Just Party and Bullshit” (Dave Wrangler Mash-up)

Album Review: Zombi, Spirit Animal

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spirit-animalIf there was ever an album to be described as epic, and in the actual definition of the word, not “epic” as in “cool”, this is that album. Hands down. Whether it’s a good or a bad thing, I can’t truly decide yet. Far and away the most sprawling and expansive album I’ve nearly ever heard, Spirit Animal is a rare treat for all those instrumentalist fans out there. It’s like a modern day Phish or Grateful Dead, minus the drugs and bad music, and with more synthesizers and keyboards. The shortest track runs seven minutes, three of them over 11 minutes, and plenty of tunage in between.

And I can’t tell, for the life of me, whether I like it or not. I mean sure, I can appreciate it musically and acknowledge the fact that the two guys are greatly talented, but I feel like if I was playing this in my room alone I’d rather not be caught doing so. Spirit Animal while at times mesmerizing, can get quote cheesy at time… there I said it. It’s just so, like I said, epic, that you just want to laugh at it and tell Zombi to stop taking themselves so seriously. But hey, maybe that’s it’s charm, that nothing else like this has existed on a mainstream level in a long time.

Another problem that I have with this album is that it become extremely repetitive, whether it’s in the structure of each song, or repetitive as a song itself. What Zombi does well it does very well. Heavy synth that matches the electro guitar, dark bass line, and drums that never stop, often breaking into few minute long jams that astound the listener. And all of that is great, it really is, but Spirit Animal kills it for me, sorry. I would probably be in love with this as a five track 24 minute long EP instead of this hour long five track whirlwind of an album. It’s all crazy stuff, maybe it’s over my head, I don’t know really. But what I so know is that Zombi can jam and put together some impressive material, it’s just that they do it for too long, and in an almost embarrassing fashion. I can be over kill, and it can be genius.

Lucky for you, Zombi is streaming the entire album. Or you can be lazy and grab on of the tracks below. I’d encourage checking out all of their stuff I’ve got posted here. I think you’ll definitely see what I mean about these guys. It’s worth your time.

6.5 never-ending drum solos and synth pedals out of 10

Stream: the entire “Spirit Animal” HERE

MP3: Zombi – “Spirit Animal”

Zombi live @ the Empty Bottle in Chicago 4/28/07

Swan Lake get all creep and crawly on their new single

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March 24th marks the release of Swan Lakes newest album Enemy Mine (on Jagjaguwar records), but a few tracks have already been released in anticipation of the album. The newest single, entitled “Spider”, is a short romp in line with other Swan Lake material, from this album and their debut effort as well. It’s a hard-to-describe whirlwind of a track that, unless you kind of know what you’re getting yourself into, can be a complete turnoff upon first listen. Like most of their work, “Spider” is a herky-jerky (I’m an amazing writer) track that spills over with vocals and heavy rhythmic drums. The synthesized keys in the background add for a nice twist, especially in the chorus when they wind and swerve with the vocals, complimented by Spencer Krug‘s small vocal part toward the end of the song, “Spider” is a splendid track. Along with the other singles already released, Enemy Mine is shaping up to be an amazing album. Check out the mp3 below along with the album artwork (some of my favorite of 2009 so far). 

MP3: Swan Lake – “Spider” or check out “A Hand At Dusk” off of Enemy Mine as well.


Swan Lake's "Enemy Mine" set for release on March 24th.

Swan Lake's "Enemy Mine" set for release on March 24th.

The Chairs cover Bon Iver and swing through La Crosse next month

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I’ve heard a few tracks from these guys in the past and their debut EP was a real treat, now The Chairs are planning a short tour at the end of March. The new track is another spectacular cover (they also covered Neutral Milk Hotel a few months ago). This time the guys take a stab at Bon Iver’s beautiful song “Flume” of his debut album. It works out pretty well too, I mean sure, the empty and echoing feelings of the hollow Wisconsin woods are gone but they’re traded for soothing synths and guitar’s of the electric kind. If you haven’t heard these guys yet this track is a decent gauge of their sound, they have a certain spookiness that I can’t really describe. So check it out for sure

MP3: The Chairs – “Flume” (Bon Iver Cover)

And if you enjoy this sample be sure to see them on their tour next month. They’re sweeping through the midwest on a short tour, and they’ll be hitting La Crosse on March 26th. Their show is at Viterbo University, too bad places like the Warehouse can’t bring in acts like this, La Crosse is a town anxious for concerts like this one, and I hope there is a great turn out for these guys. So go out and support great music, whether it’s at their La Crosse show or any of their midwest stops, it’ll be worth your time. 


The boys from Appleton are worth remembering, be sure to check them out

The boys from Appleton are worth remembering, be sure to check them out


A debut album is set to be released March 17th, so the tour should be featuring plenty of new material. Check out some more of their material on their myspace, including their cover of “In An Aeroplane Over the Sea.” Or jump over to their official page to find out some more info about the crew. All dates for the tour below:

March 21 Omaha, Nebraska The Foundry
March 22 Columbia, Missouri Cherry Street Artisan
March 23 Kansas City, Missouri Davey’s Uptown
March 24 Ames, Iowa Ames Progressive
March 25 East Moline, Illinois MixTapes
March 26 Viterbo University La Crosse, Wisconsin
March 27 Elbo Room Chicago, Illinois