ISIS post Wavering Radiant artwork and tracklisting

ISIS have revealed some more info about their new album, Wavering Radiant, namely the Aaron Turner cover artwork and a full album tracklisting! Speaking about the album Isis frontman Turner said, that this album “feels more like Isis than any other album else has.” If you’ve ever been to an Isis live show, you know what he’s talking about. This is one to look forward to; already put it on the must buy list!

The track listing for Wavering Radiant is:

Hall Of The Dead
Ghost Key
Hand Of The Host
Wavering Radiant
Stone To Wake A Serpent
20 Minutes / 40 Years
Threshold of Transformation

(via MetalKult)


One Response to “ISIS post Wavering Radiant artwork and tracklisting”

  1. hells yea. Can’t wait… Turner’s artwork… once again, stellar.

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