Happy Birthday J Dilla!

dilla Today would have been Dilla’s 35th birthday. Needless to say if this man was still here with us, we wouldn’t be debating about who the best producer is right now. When Dilla passed he left us with two of the most beautiful masterpieces I have ever heard. Donuts changed the face of instrumental Hip-Hop forever and The Shining (not fully completed, but ended up getting finished) showed us that amazing things come in small packages (ringing in at just over 28 minutes long).

Dilla showed me something with these two albums (I hadn’t heard anything solo before this); he taught me that he is one  of the most talented individuals to have ever touched the boards. Jay put out two albums that were just beyond words as to how beautiful they were. This was all while he was near death in Cedars Sinai Hosptial in Los Angeles. Dilla was a very resilient individual who did what was important to him no matter what the cause or case. Dilla literally stared death in the face and said “fuck you” because all he wanted to do was finish Donuts. If there’s anything that I hope in my life it is that I can be as dedicated and resilient as Dilla.

Happy Birthday to the King of Beats, May You Rest in Beats Jay


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