Faith No More reunion is OFFICIAL

After months of quiet whispers, a subtle message has just leaked out from Mike Patton’s team this week, indicating two things. A) he has just completed his first major motion film score for the film Crank 2: High Voltage and B) Faith No More has officially confirmed their reunion!!!! Although no U.S. dates are planned yet and Mike Patton is denying all press requests, we’re really hoping that these shows, the first for Faith No More in over a decade, will eventually make it to the Midwest. Read the entire update on Patton’s film activities and forthcoming schedule is after the jump…

“While Patton has often dabbled in film whether it was lending his voice to the creatures in “I Am Legend,” his score for the indie film noir short “A Perfect Place” or Fantomas’ film scoring interpretation via The Director’s Cut, this marks his first proper film score. Created during the latter half of 2008, Patton holed up in a Los Angeles studio and eliminated all other projects during the recording, a point worth noting as he is well known for being one of modern music’s most prolific artists.

Patton has also provided vocals to several videogames including “Bionic Commando,” “Portal,” “Left 4 Dead,” and “The Darkness.” He also lent his voice to Adult Swim’s Metalocalypse (character name: Rikki Kix). Patton just wrapped up a trek across Australia with Fantomas as part of the Big Day Out festival. His upcoming schedule includes a performance with labelmates Zu (Mar. 19 @ Great American Music Hall in San Francisco), the Coachella Valley Music and Arts Festival on Apr. 17 with Rahzel (ex-Roots beatboxer) and the highly anticipated reunion tour with Faith No More in Europe this summer.”

We leave you today with the classic music video of FNM’s “From Out of Nowhere” from their 1989’s The Real Thing:



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