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YES! My dreams have come true. What many would say is arguably the greatest band of the 90’s, Pavement, is getting back together for an official reunion. Numerous reports from Pitchfork & The Brooklyn Vegan have confirmed rumors that Pavement will be reuniting in 2010. According to what I’ve read, Pavement will be reuniting for Central Park SummerStage on September 21st, 2010. There is also talks of Pavement playing Coachella, ATP & maybe even a full length tour.

I can assure you I will be scrapping like hell to get some tickets to First Avenue in MPLS if these guys come through. I’ve been a huge Pavement fan for the last five or six years since I found out about them. Everything that these guys did was genius, and their music will always be timeless. Pavement is easily one of my favorite bands in Rock & Roll history.

Now it’s time for some Pavement Classics to celebrate:

Shady Lane

Spit On a Stranger

Cut Your Hair


Cave In ends hiatus and prepares 2009 EP for release

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An official statement from Cave In reads:

“After 3 1/2 long years, Cave In has decided to end its hiatus. Please join us for an EP release show at Great Scott’s (1222 Commonwealth Ave., Allston MA) on Sunday, July 19th @ 9PM. Also playing will be our friends Disappearer and Phantom Glue. Copies of the Planets Of Old limited 12″ (recorded by Adam Taylor, Alex Hartman & Johnny Northrup @ Camp St. Studio) from Hydra Head Records will be available that night.

We hope to see your lovely selves.

Steve, Adam, J.R., Caleb

Hell yes! I knew it would be long (seriously, this band sounds too awesome live to be separated forever). The visionary indie/space/hardcore/roc/metal legends are back and it’s good to see that J.R. Connors is in the saddle for the ride.

Expect a preoder of Planets Of Old to be up on Hydra Head’s online store any time now..

Faith No More reunion is OFFICIAL

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After months of quiet whispers, a subtle message has just leaked out from Mike Patton’s team this week, indicating two things. A) he has just completed his first major motion film score for the film Crank 2: High Voltage and B) Faith No More has officially confirmed their reunion!!!! Although no U.S. dates are planned yet and Mike Patton is denying all press requests, we’re really hoping that these shows, the first for Faith No More in over a decade, will eventually make it to the Midwest. Read the entire update on Patton’s film activities and forthcoming schedule is after the jump… Continue reading