Copywrite to drop 3 projects in ’09 + new MHz?

copy It looks as though your favorite emcee who never fails to give you the punchlines you always crave is back in action this year. In an article I read on HipHop DX, I found out that Copywrite has three different projects coming out this year. It made me wonder, is everyone putting out a shitload of material this year? The answer seems to be a constant yes. This year is going to be a great year for Hip-Hop. As many of you know Copywrite burst onto the scene in the Ohio group MHz with Rjd2, Camu Tao, Jakki Da Motamouth and Tage. Table Scraps was the only album that they put out as a collective, and many people consider it to be a classic.

Copywrite will be putting out an EP of all new material this year, which will serve as a preface for his Sophomore album entitled The Life and Times of Peter Nelson. 2 months after he releases the EP he will be re-releasing the 2002 classic The High Exhaulted which will be in digital and physical format. The new version of the album will also come with two new tracks not heard before on the original album. Copy’s second album The Life and Times of Peter Nelson has a release time of September. The production on the album will be handled by none other than Rjd2, J-Zone, Camu Tao, Marco Polo & The Kickdrums.

The most interesting thing that I read was that the original members of MHz (minus Camu Tao (R.I.P.)) are going to be getting together to create a whole new album dedicated to Camu Tao. The project has a tentative release date in 2010. The article also mentioned that Table Scraps will be re-released sometime in the near future.

All of this info makes me super pumped, I can’t wait to hear what Copy has up his sleeve. The article made it sound like he’s trying to top everything he’s done before, which is going to be pretty damn hard. If anyone has the talent though it’s definitely Peter Nelson.


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