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Copywrite to drop 3 projects in ’09 + new MHz?

Posted in Music News with tags , , , , , , on Friday, March 20, 2009 by Tim Althaus

copy It looks as though your favorite emcee who never fails to give you the punchlines you always crave is back in action this year. In an article I read on HipHop DX, I found out that Copywrite has three different projects coming out this year. It made me wonder, is everyone putting out a shitload of material this year? The answer seems to be a constant yes. This year is going to be a great year for Hip-Hop. As many of you know Copywrite burst onto the scene in the Ohio group MHz with Rjd2, Camu Tao, Jakki Da Motamouth and Tage. Table Scraps was the only album that they put out as a collective, and many people consider it to be a classic.

Copywrite will be putting out an EP of all new material this year, which will serve as a preface for his Sophomore album entitled The Life and Times of Peter Nelson. 2 months after he releases the EP he will be re-releasing the 2002 classic The High Exhaulted which will be in digital and physical format. Continue reading


Colin Munroe on HipHop Dx’s DX NEXT

Posted in News with tags , , , , on Wednesday, February 11, 2009 by Tim Althaus

colinmunroe I have already made a post about this extraordinary artist and prodigy Colin Munroe. This guy is absoutely captivating and is one of the most talented singers and musicians that I’ve heard in awhile. I normally am not a big fan of singers usually but this guy is a completely different story. I first heard this guy on Black Milk’s new album Tronic on the track “Without U” and was blown away by his talent. Some of you might have also heard of him from the “Flashing Lights (Remix)” and chances are if you haven’t heard of him yet you will very soon.

HipHop DX just did a feature on Colin Munroe in their DX Next feature. Apparently Colin is a huge fan of Detroit Hip-Hop and I’m guessing that’s how he got linked with Black Milk. Check out the article because it’s a great read on the future of music, because this kid is it.

HipHop DX’s Next Features Colin Munroe