Sunday Metal Minute: Khanate, “Wings From Spine”

Some thought the songs on Khanate‘s Clean Hands Go Foul would never see the never see the light of day, but thankfully Aaron Turner and Hydrahead have given this epic band’s third album a proper posthumous unveiling on their label. The album, recorded in 2006, is a torturous collection of the most abstract, dissonant, and ugly avant-doom known to man; there isn’t another band in the world that could make music this somber and tragic. “Wings From Spine” is  the lead track from this depressing (in a good way!) finale  from Khanate, introducing the unpredictable dirge and bleak ambience of the album with little subtlety. Listen in…

MP3: Khanate, “Wings From Spine” (from Clean Hands Go Foul)


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