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Northern Outpost begins second season with Halloween, Alaska as debut guest

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Back after only a month-long absence, Northern Outpost has now uploaded the first episode of their summer season online, and for this week’s episode they’re visited by the renowned local indie/ambient/post-whatever troupe Halloween, Alaska at the Owl Recording Studio in Uptown. Still, change is noticeable, with their snowy winter lake intros now replaced by a much more inviting image of our fair city of Minneapolis in the springtime. I don’t think they have done a better job with their choice to kick things off. Halloween, Alaska just released some fantastic songs of jazzy, ambient indie rock via their new album Champagne Downtown, and the intimate confines of the Owl Recoridng Studio are the perfect place to witness the chemistry of the band. After a short interview where they discuss their new album, the originality of the local music scene, and the dedicated people that support the scene, the band gets into a moving rendition of one of the most somber and reflective pieces from the new release, “Be A Man”. It’s a great demonstration of the interesting minds and enormous talent that are just brimming out of this city, and it’s an episode that you don’t want to miss. ..makes me proud to be Minnesotan!

Look forward to the future, as well. In two weeks, the next episode will be added and will feature beloved singer-songer Lucy Michele with the Velvet Lapelles as the profiled band!


Moby releases David Lynch directed video for “Shot in the Back of the Head”

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Honestly, I had literally thought that Moby had disappeared from the face of the earth until I recently saw him pop up in some of the videos of Fucked Up‘s  rendition of “Blitzkrieg Bop” at their 12 hour concert marathon while I was watching on Youtube. Really, it had been a lonnnnnng time since I’d seen him. For all I knew, the dude had taken the millions upon millions of dollars that his songs had earned from being auction off and bought a one-way rocket ride back to whatever planet it was that spawned him. The dude has always seemed a bit creepy (and overrated) to me, but that doesn’t change the fact that I have found his schtick to be increasingly interesting as I’ve grown older…

On “Shot in the Back of the Head”, I think I have finally found the Moby that I can truly enjoy. These days, Moby seems to have fallen for post-rock, and I can’t complain; “Shot in the Back of the Head” is still electronic at its core, but the lush orchestration on this song is more beautiful than anything I’ve ever heard from him and has admittedly made me a late (and unlikely) convert to Moby’s fanbase. I’ll be waiting til June 30th to see if Wait For Me is really as good as it seems it might actually be. Enjoy the video; David Lynch has made a great companion to Moby’s gorgeous audio track.

Sunday Metal Minute: Khanate, “Wings From Spine”

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Some thought the songs on Khanate‘s Clean Hands Go Foul would never see the never see the light of day, but thankfully Aaron Turner and Hydrahead have given this epic band’s third album a proper posthumous unveiling on their label. The album, recorded in 2006, is a torturous collection of the most abstract, dissonant, and ugly avant-doom known to man; there isn’t another band in the world that could make music this somber and tragic. “Wings From Spine” is  the lead track from this depressing (in a good way!) finale  from Khanate, introducing the unpredictable dirge and bleak ambience of the album with little subtlety. Listen in…

MP3: Khanate, “Wings From Spine” (from Clean Hands Go Foul)

Album Review: Wolves in the Throne Room, Malevolent Grain

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Besides hearing a song or two on a mix from a friend in the past, I’m really not familiar with much from Wolves in the Throne Room’s previous output and didn’t really know what to expect when I was introduced to this album this week. However, with that said, after hearing this two-song EP a couple of times, I think I’m going to have to go check out their earlier releases.  Malevolent Grain is the Olympia, Washington-based “ambient black metal” band’s second EP, a prelude to their third long-player Black Cascade which is due later this year.

Right off the bat, I want to acknowledge how much I reallllly love the sound on this album. One reason I’ve never gotten into black metal so much in the past was because the production always (for better or worse) sounded so thin and gritty that the musical appeal was totally lost on me. In the last few years, many black metal bands have overcome this trait and have released albums that are much more heavily layered than the cheap recordings of the early years, and I think the current activity in the USBM scene is evidence of this. Wolves in the Throne Room this approach of density and orchestration to another level entirely, Malevolent Grain has a sound that is as thick as ever with ferocity that is unmatched to boot. In fact, in many ways this album reminded me as much as (or possibly even more than) my favorite orchestral post-rock innovators like GY!BE  as it did of the scathing black metal of Mayhem, Gorgoroth, or Burzum.  To be fair though, many of these bands are now dead or dying. Wolves in the Throne Room are now in a league of their own, following their own vision and innovating on the headbanging classics of these greats with some unparalleled epic blackened rockers of their own.

The album is divided in half, with the first song “A Looming Resonance” beginning the vinyl with a natural, folksy, brooding ambience. Eventually the orchestral buildup is aided by vocals from Jamie Meyers, and as her strong vocals resonate with a Celtic tinge, the song segues into a more viscious psychedelic black metal groove. The entire mix feels more removed from black metal than I could have imagined.  By the end of the song, the increasingly intricate dynamics and dense layering have taken this epic a soul-stirring peak that could replicated by few bands in the world (honestly, only GY!BE comes to mind..). “Hate Crystal” begins in much more tradtional black metal fashion with a blasting rhythm section, sinster riff, and wraith-like vox. As majestic as it is brutal, “Hate Crystal” was the perfect cap to my introduction to this band and faded this sinister EP out brilliantly.

(thanks to Bryan for borrowing the album!)

DIG DEEPER: Buy Malevolent Grain online! –  Official WebsiteMySpace

Boredoms plans a Deluxe CD/DVD release for 77BoaDrums

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Are you familiar with with the psychedelic ambient noise makers in Japan’s Boredoms? If not, do yourself a favor and get informed on that now. For those of you already on the boat, I’m sure you heard about the near-mythical 77BoaDrums concert that took place. An event in which the ever-unpredictable Boredoms gathered an orchestra of 77 drummers from various backgrounds and with kits of varying sizes for an epic syncopated jam of primitive, avant-pyschedlia. Well, now thankfully for those of us who were not fortunate enough to attend the 7/7/07 concert in Brooklyn, Boredoms will be releasing their poly-rhythmic drum jam from that day as a CD/DVD on November 26.

Their set that day suceeded in accomplishing something that was altogether unbelievable (and was only to be superseded this year by the 8/8/08 88BoaDrums set featuring 176 drummers). 77BoaDrums
can be thought of as a film, directed by Jun Kawaguchi, and even the concept of the project follows through to the ediiting. The movie is 89 minutes, which is approximately 77 minutes and 777 seconds you want to think too hard about it. Although it appears that the DVD won’t contain the entire 77BoaDrum film, it is clear that this project is one that’ll be worth the buy. If you want to see the entire concert again, you have to make it to the screening of 77BoaDrum Tokyo’s NYTFGP Film Festival in New York on Monday, October 13. Director Kawaguchi will be present for a Q&A at the first of two screenings scheduled that night, and will introduce the second. Stay tuned to and to find out how to preorder this beast of a release!

It’s going to fucking kick ass!

Here’s some exercepts from YouTube, just to give you an idea of the complexity of organizing an event like this (much less making an amazing film about it):