New Max Tundra video, touring through Minneapolis this weekend

Max Tundra, the glitchy-electro-pop one man show, will be heading through the midwest this coming weekend. Friday April 3rd Junior Boys will be headlining a show at the First Ave Mainroom, with Max Tundra opening. Both acts have the same sort of feel to them, and I’m sure the two awesome bands will be able to feel off each other and get the crowd plenty into it. And apparently Max likes to dance around on stage like a little boy when he performs too, so at least it will be entertaining of not mind blowing (hehe). 

He’s got a new video out too, for the the track “Which Song.” I’d discourage this to the people who got sick watching the Blair Witch Project, seeing as the camera has a liiiittttle  tendency to move around, but see for yourself:

And grab some tickets to the First Ave show if you enjoyed, only $10 bucks!


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