Evidence goes to the far left once again

ev-2 Here we are with another straight fire laced track by Evidence featuring Fashawn and Alchemist. As you may recall, both of these two emcees complimented Evdience on the original “Far Left“, and “The Far Left 2” is no different. I have to say that out of the three emcees on this track (with no disrespect to any of them) Fashawn steps up his game the most. Fashawn is one of those cats that you are going to be hearing me talk about quite a bit (especially when Boy Wonder drops) in the future.

All of these cats have new projects coming out this year so make sure you watch out for those because every single one of these albums is going to be top fucking quality. “The Far Left” is taking over Hip-Hop this year it seems.

You can download the track here.

Spotted @ 2DopeBoyz

Here’s a little video to make you all realize how nice Fash really is…


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