El Grupo Nuevo De Omar Rodriguez-Lopez hace su primer álbum disponible el próximo mes

El Grupo Nuevo de Omar Rodriguez Lopez, Cryptomenia

If you guessed that I called on my little friend Babelfish for help with that headline, I’m not going to deny it. While I may be an 8th grade Spanish dropout, I know enough to know that, from the title of this band, the Mars Volta/At the Drive-In/solo axeman Omar Rodriguez-Lopez has apparently put together a new group. Joining Omar in El Grupo Nuevo De Omar Rodriguez-Lopez, Zach Hill, Jonathon Hishke, Juan Alderete De La Peña, and Cedric Bixler-Zavala round out his new team and perform the music that he has orchestrated. On May 5, they will be releasing their debut album Cryptomnesia.

Just last week they posted their second trailer for the album (referred to as Cryptomnesia II), and from the sounds of it, this album will be far different from the avant-garde sounds that I recall from his A Manual Dexterity concept release a few years ago. Bixler-Zavala always sounds brilliant over the wailing guitar of ORL, and its clear that it’s probably a much more structured release than either Volta or his older solo works. Word is that Mars Volta might be releasing a new album this summer too, so this is by no means a replacement of Volta, but it’s great to hear some of ORL’s great progressive punk licks in a more restrained form. He’s got a very classic vibe these days! Keep your eyes peeled for a limited edition vinyl release, and I’ll keep you up to date if I hear more about that new Mars Volta album. Enjoy the trailer!

Keep reading for the first trailer, Cyptomenisa I!


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