Modest Mouse prep 7″ for Record Store Day and rare B-Side surfaces amongst cumulative EP

Record Store Day is fast approaching (April 18th) and with that comes some new Modest Mouse material. As my love for this band has grown over the past year or so I’ve dug further back into their catalogue and also anticipated their upcoming releases as well. News that they had did a video Directed by Heath Ledger was beyond interesting, and now their series of four vinyl singles sparked my interest as well. 


The first of the four single series is slated to be released on Record Store Day, as I mentioned, and will be packaged in a nice three panel sleeve with accompanied orange 7″. The two tracks featured will be “Satellite Skin” (which the band performed on Letterman and you can see here) and also “Guilty Cocker Spaniels.” 

The order in which the other vinyls will pour out has yet to be determined, but all four of them are part a cumulative effort that will lead to an eight track EP entitled No One’s First And You’re Next in August. So it’s all part of a cumulative effort that will eventually make me spend a lot more money than I should, but will be an awesome keepsake for die-hards. If your record player is broken though, the first of the 7″s will be released digitally on April 21st. 

An MP3 has surfaced as well of one of the tracks listed later on in the sequence. “I’ve Got It All (most)” is an interesting choice, it was originally released with Good News digitally as a bonus track but was very quickly removed by the band and has been hard to find ever since. But alas, I Guess I’m Floating was lucky enough to snag it when It came out and now you’re all lucky enough that they he re-posted it.  It’s an awesome cut too, and hearing it for the first time is getting me crazy excited for the EP. Sounds a lot like everything on Good News and it’s a mystery why it wasn’t included on the album, but at least it’s finally getting an official release on the less. 

MP3: Modest Mouse – “I’ve Got It All (most)”

No One’s First And You’re Next track listing:

1. Autumn Beds 2. Guilty Cocker Spaniel 
3. History 4. I’ve Got It All (most) 
5. King Rat 6. Satellite Skin 
7. Tie The Lake Down 8. The Whale Song

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