The Bronx shred in (cyber?) shark-infested waters on “Knifeman” music video

The Bronx recently passed through the Twin Cities with Trash Talk for a Triple Rock gig to support their new album The Bronx (III), so it’s presumable that we won’t be able to see them here in person in Minnesota for a while. Thankfully, the best hard-rock album of 2008 is getting some more video accompaniments to be broadcast around the globe, with Justin Enright and Tyler Ford directing a video for the band’s infectious groovy hardcore boot-stomper “Knifeman”. What seems to be a casual under-water shred-fest quickly turns into a bloodbath as the rockers struggle to outswim the agile (cyber?) shark that somehow infiltrated their pool…  Enter the pool with these punks, if you dare to tempt the virtual spawn of Jaws.

VIDEO: The Bronx, “Knifeman” (from The Bronx (III), available now)


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