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The Bronx shred in (cyber?) shark-infested waters on “Knifeman” music video

Posted in Video with tags , , , , , on Thursday, April 23, 2009 by Ryan Buege

The Bronx recently passed through the Twin Cities with Trash Talk for a Triple Rock gig to support their new album The Bronx (III), so it’s presumable that we won’t be able to see them here in person in Minnesota for a while. Thankfully, the best hard-rock album of 2008 is getting some more video accompaniments to be broadcast around the globe, with Justin Enright and Tyler Ford directing a video for the band’s infectious groovy hardcore boot-stomper “Knifeman”. What seems to be a casual under-water shred-fest quickly turns into a bloodbath as the rockers struggle to outswim the agile (cyber?) shark that somehow infiltrated their pool…  Enter the pool with these punks, if you dare to tempt the virtual spawn of Jaws.

VIDEO: The Bronx, “Knifeman” (from The Bronx (III), available now)


The Bronx solidifies spring tour plans with Trash Talk

Posted in Concert Dates with tags , , , , on Wednesday, February 11, 2009 by Ryan Buege

Watch the priceless brand new video for The Bronx‘s “Past Lives” (via Switchblade Comb) from their newest album, read our review of the release, and then try tellin’ us you have something better to do than come out to the dance with The Bronx and friends on a certain night this April …I dare you! This is rock ‘n’ roll that is too damn good to pass up. The band has firmed up their spring tour plans with Trash Talk, and they’ll be entertaining a crowd in Minneapolis at the Triple Rock on April 12th. Keep reading for all the tour dates… Continue reading

CD Review: The Bronx – The Bronx (III)

Posted in Music Reviews with tags on Thursday, November 20, 2008 by Ryan Buege

There’s something that I’ve always liked about this band; the weird thing is that I never really understood exactly what it was that I truly admired until I gave their new album, their third self-titled full length, a couple of spins. With III, the Bronx has released an unbridled statement of hardcore ‘n’ roll bliss that proclaims their domination of their game.

This is an an album that bristles with a kind of haughty swagger that is rarely seen contrasted so beautifully with a riotous, jagged backdrop of hardcore punk dissonance. At any one time, you’d be hard pressed to decisively call the sound either “hardcore punk” or “rock ‘n’ roll”, and I think that’s where the beauty of the execution of this album lies. Moving from Kyuss-reminiscent whisky and weed soaked grooves to anthemic Snapcase-esque rhythms with ease, The Bronx have created a seemless album of the most enjoyable and likable good ole’ fashioned hard rock that I’ve heard in a long time.

On The Bronx’s third full length release, they deliver an exceptional collection of songs that will bring a confident smile to your face no matter your mood. III embodies the true rebellious spirit that has been accrued over years of hard earned experience in the the punk rock underground; it oozes with songs that are massive, groovy, catchy, and heavy as a steamroller. After an excellent sophomore release, The Bronx have once again raised the bar that only they set for themselves. Cheers to them for writing a record that defies the genres to create something that everyone can enjoy – something that rocks!

I’ll be waiting to see if big things are finally in store for these guys! Visit them online at their website or their myspace homepage.

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