The Cool Kids release two new tracks in anticipation of new mixtape

The indie friendly hip-hop stars Mikey Rocks and Chuck Inglish have been busy since their stellar Bake Sale EP release in 2008. With the release of the That’s Stupid Mixtape the same year in conjunction with a tour, and now they’re working on their second studio album When Fish Ride Bicycles slated for release later this year. But they’ve got another project ready to drop this week. The Gone Fishing Mixtape will be released Monday May 4th on Cake Recordings.


The tape was produced and performed along side their long time friend Don Cannon, and the two singles that they leaked today display some of their best work to date. “Champions” shows some of the Cool Kids most interesting production to date, adding tons of fuzzed out and over the top bass lines to the usual snare kicks that they’ve perfected by now. I absolutely love this track, the way that the chorus bangs is absolutely unreal. Maybe it’s not quite as smooth as some of their other material and a little bit more of what some people would call “mainstream” but it’s still awesome. The other single, “Popcorn” is a lot more in line with their other material. Some really good samples and some really smooth vocals. It’s always a good mix for Mikey and Chuck.

The Cool Kids – “Champions”

The Cool Kids – “Popcorn”

So grab the MP3s and check their blog Monday to download the whole Gone Fishing Mixtape!


3 Responses to “The Cool Kids release two new tracks in anticipation of new mixtape”

  1. don’t know who the cool kids are tbh, but i’m listening right now just because the artwork look too cool to pass up. great stuff e!

  2. The Bake Sale?…. A stellar release? I don’t know about that one. But the tracks are pretty good.

  3. […] The Cool Kids & Don Cannon team up for this 21 track mixtape. As my man Erik mentioned in an earlier post, this is their first material since The Bake Sale EP came out last year. Make sure you grab this […]

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